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Revelate Spinelock Review

Episode #113

Revelate has come up with a unique mounting solution for their Spinelock seat pack. They claim it's the best thing since sliced bread, how well does it live up in practice? Join Ian on this review to find out!

Ortlieb Seat-Pack Review

Episode #112

Ortlieb is well-regarded for their urban and touring panniers, but how about their bikepacking gear? They have one of the largest saddle packs in the business, let's find out how it holds up!

Rokform Phone Mount System Review

Episode #111

Bike phone mounts are a very difficult product category to do well; they're usually either not durable, or too easy to steal, or too expensive. Rokform has focused on solving the first two problems, but the products are indeed expensive. Come listen to Ian give a verdict on whether they are worth the price!

SO #110 — Slug Options

Episode #584 SO #110

Not knowing what number the parent episode was going to be, Brian recorded himself saying every number they could imagine so Ian could edit them into the intro if needed.

Wahoo Kickr SNAP & Wahoo Tickr Review

Episode #110The Fringe #584

Brian will be the first to admit, his new bike trainer setup was absolutely a pandemic purchase; but he's hoping that these will be items that he will use for many years to come!

Big Borg Cliffhanger

Episode #65

Brian's starting a new job, standing desk mats, Create React App 4 Upgrade, Tailwind JIT, and shoutouts!

MacBook Pro 13-inch M1 Review

Episode #109

Ryan reviews the wonderful MacBook Pro with M1 chip! It's an incredible machine, but you might be satisfied with a MacBook Air - find out more!

Samsung S21 Ultra Review

Episode #108

Ryan reviews the S21 Ultra. It's way better than the S20 and laterally better than the Note 20 Ultra.

Android 11 Review

Episode #106

Ian has been using Android 11 for five months now, so he is definitely ready to give you a thorough review of the latest version of Android! And not a moment too soon, since Android 12 developer previews are just over the horizon...