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Cool Gray

Episode #64The Fringe #583

Eleventy, XPath, a custom GitHub Action, and new Apple Silicon Macs for Ryan and Brandon!


Episode #62The Fringe #581

Eleventy and Tailwind followup, fonts, the new Apple Silicon Macs, and New Twitter Follows.

The City We Became Review

Episode #105The Fringe #580

Ian is joined by Meghan Griffin to chat about The City We Became, a novel that uses a multidimensional sci-fi/fantasy story to shine a light on the social and political strife facing many of our cities today. It's a real good book.

PHP is Great

Episode #61The Fringe #579

Hacktoberfest woes, Elevently, Not using Wordpress for W3C Redesign, TypeScript Explicit Types, and New Twitter Follows!

PK #61 — Highland Bridge Globetrotter

Episode #579 PK #61

Something about notes apps. I'm editing this two weeks later, I can't remember what we talked about, but the title is excellent!