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Samsung S21 Ultra Review

Episode #108

Ryan reviews the S21 Ultra. It's way better than the S20 and laterally better than the Note 20 Ultra.
  • Pricing
    • The tiny one starts at $799 but comes with reduced features and a plastic back! Oh no!
    • S21+ is $999
    • S21 Ultra is $1199 which is technically $100 cheaper than the Note 20 Ultra from August 2020
  • Display
    • First S-line phone with adaptive 120hz
    • Rounded design makes it look smaller
    • For some reason, not flat like the other S21 models
  • Physicals
    • Look and feel, build quality
      • Footprint
        • It’s a bit taller, a bit less wide than the N20U
        • It weighs a ton though
    • Battery
      • 5000 mAh
      • It lasts for two days easily, but I still charge at night, but I don’t feel bad if I don’t
    • Charging
      • 25w charging, no more 45w option - but that’s ok
      • The brick was NOT in the box - laughing at Apple still? No? Great!
    • Ports
      • Type C is all you need
    • Speakers
      • Not radically different than N20U
    • Buttons
      • No bixby button
      • Buttons on the right
  • Specs
    • CPU
      • 888
        • 875 is for premium minus products... what is Qualcomm doing?
    • RAM
      • 12GB; but you could have 512GB storage with 16GB of RAM
    • Storage
      • This model has 256GB of storage but we have no Micro SD now!
      • What’s going on here?
  • Software
    • Android 11 is nice out of the box but nothing major changed as far as I can tell
  • Camera
    • It’s a bit smarter with macro shots now, using the wide lenses to pretend to be a macro lens
    • Zoom is more nuanced now, with “Space Zoom” gone but present in implementation
      • 3x zoom and 10x zoom have their own 
  • Final thoughts
    • Did you want an S Pen? You can have one now... but without bluetooth, the best part
    • Did you want a real Note instead? Note 20 Ultra might be last option for you unless you like the Flip and Flop and Fold models for $1500 base prices
    • It’s an improvement above the S20U although it’s a side-grade from the Note 20 Ultra


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