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Android 11 Review

Episode #106

Ian has been using Android 11 for five months now, so he is definitely ready to give you a thorough review of the latest version of Android! And not a moment too soon, since Android 12 developer previews are just over the horizon...

Episode summary

00:00 | Intro

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02:33 | Notifications
08:55 | Media playback controls, quick settings
14:12 | App permissions
17:19 | Power button menu
20:48 | Emoji 13
24:28 | App switching, overview
30:33 | Files by Google

Files by Google: Clean up space on your phone - Apps on Google Play

31:50 | Autofill in the keyboard
34:39 | Screen recorder

I tried out a new thing for this episode; for the YouTube version, I did screen recordings of some of the more visual things I talked about in the review. Go check that out to see what screen recordings look like!

37:23 | Misc
43:23 | Behind-the-scenes

If you want to learn more about Estonia and their online voting system, check out The Extra Dimension #26!

45:53 | Outro
47:00 | Electronic Frontier Foundation: Project For Awesome


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