Meet the Hosts and Guests that make The Nexus incredible.

Andrew Bailey

Once upon a time, Ryan left the The Nexus TV clubhouse door open, and Andrew was the bum that wandered in. Andrew Bailey is the host of Cont...

Brandon Johnson

Brandon Johnson is a student of Journalism and Computer Science at the University of Minnesota Twin Cities.

Brian Mitchell

Brian Mitchell is a Frontend Software Engineer and co-host of PodKit. He is a graduate of the University of Minnesota, Morris in Computer Sc...

Christopher Thompson

Christopher Thompson was Andrew Bailey's room mate back in college. He is a database administrator that definitely does not live in Kentucky...

Ian Decker

Ian Decker is a Junior at Gustavus Adolphus College, majoring in both the classics and music, and is hoping to find some way to teach once a...

Ian R Buck

Ian R Buck hosts The Extra Dimension, spearheaded the creation of Second Opinion, narrates Robots Will Steal Your Job, But That's OK, and ap...

Matthew Petschl

Matthew Petschl is co-founder of The Nexus. Previously Matthew has hosted the premiere weekly podcast, At The Nexus, and has since become ...

Ryan Rampersad

Ryan Rampersad is the co-founder of The Nexus. He has hosted At The Nexus, is a host on PodKit and a support member of other Nexus podcasts....

Sam Ebertz

Sam Ebertz attends the University of Minnesota and is studying for a degree in Computer Science in the College of Science and Engineering. I...

Abha Karnick

Abha Karnick is a south Minneapolis resident with East Indian roots who graduated from Hamline University in 2019. Abha grew up in the Twin ...

Adam Frederick

Adam Frederick is the Program Coordinator at the Washington County Environmental Center, which is open to residents from all metro area coun...

Alicia Gottwalt

Alicia Gottwalt plays Lego games on her Wii and basically every version of Mario that has been available since the Nintendo 64.

Amanda Johnson

Amanda co-hosts Pop Culture Confessions, a podcast about movies we haven't seen (but definitely should have). Connoisseur of internet fandom...

Amanda LaGrange

Amanda LaGrange is the CEO of Tech Dump, an electronics recycling company in the Twin Cities.

Amy Buck

Amy is Ian R Buck's mom, and serves as a foil to his enthusiasm for technology.

Aron Braggans

Aron Braggans is a Minnesota Off-Road Cyclist, and a talented developer in JavaScript, React, Ruby and .NET Core, among other things.

Austin Conrad

Austin Conrad is a philosophy major at Gustavus Adolphus College.

Be Vang

Be Vang is Principal at Harding High School.

Ben Putnam

Ben Putnam is the son of Dave Putnam. He is learning how to build computers and run Minecraft servers as well as attempting to break out in ...

Brenda Austin

Brenda has two children in high school and college, and has a background in elementary teaching and speech pathology.

Cory Lau

Cory attends Gustavus Adolphus and has interests in philosophy.

Crystal Sursely

Crystal works at Lowertown Bike Shop, a non-profit bike shop located in the Union Depot building in downtown St Paul. "We believe a bike can...

Daniel Pool

Daniel Pool is a podcaster from Oklahoma. He and Quentin Pongratz host Double Issue, a show telling stories in an original superhero world.

Dave Putnam

Dave Putnam is an esoteric enthusiast of all things absurd, from tasers to Pentium 4s. He's seen The Nexus prosper and grow since he taught ...

David Janacek

David Janacek is a friend of the infamous Ian Decker. He plays Guild Wars 2 occasionally and loves Dark Souls.

David K Barnes

David K Barnes is a London-based writer. He is best known for creating the podcast sitcom Wooden Overcoats. He also writes plays and adapts...

Declan McCrory

Declan McCrory is Ian Buck's roommate, and he plays games.

Elena Machkasova

Elena is an Associate Professor of Computer Science at University of Minnesota Morris. She teaches a variety of classes, including cryptogra...

Emma Sax

Emma Sax is a Cloud Infrastructure Engineer by day, but a LEGO lover, pickleball player, and Oxford comma enthusiast by night. You can find ...

Erin Manthey

Erin is a math instructor at a technical college in Minnesota.

Ethan Osten

Ethan Osten works as executive assistant to Ramsey County Commissioner Trista MatasCastillo. Before that, he volunteered as co-chair of the ...

Eugenia Popa

Eugenia is an ESL teacher at Harding High School.

Evan Haldeman

Evan Haldeman is a high school student at Harding high school with a taste for pulling apart computers for joy. He currently spends most of ...

Frank Karamaroudis

Frank used to live in Denver but moved to Australia, so naturally his podcast is called Denver to Downunder.

Glen Johnson

Glen Johnson is a long-time remote worker in the education field. He managed a remote team across two countries and has been teaching online...


Gwen is author of the Fiery Millennials blog and and cohost of the FIRE Drill Podcast, both focused on helping young adults achieve financia...

Haliee Walters

Haliee Walters is the Office and Outreach Coordinator at Tech Dump, an electronics recycling company in the Twin Cities.

Ish Ot Jr

Ish Ot Jr is the self-proclaimed Lead Emoji Sprinkler for the Rebble Alliance, a community of Pebble enthusiasts working to keep Pebble hard...

James Patrick Miller

JPM is a professor at Gustavus Adolphus College in St. Peter, MN. He loves Final Fantasy and the JRPG genre. He was Grammy Award nominated i...

John Edwards

John Edwards is the anchor and managing editor of Wedge LIVE!, a hyperlocal news, entertainment, and lifestyle brand (and cat tour operator)...

John Gosling

John Gosling is the founder of Level Zero Games, and co-creator of Net Gain: Corporate Espionage.

John Lestrange

John is an adjunct professor of world history at Kean University.

Jonas Buck

Jonas is Ian R Buck's brother who claims to be technologically inept.

Joshua Anosike

Josh studies at the University of Minnesota Duluth and he is an avid gamer. You can find him on Steam as Rachet112.

Katie Reddemann

Katie Reddemann attends the University of Minnesota: Morris.

Kharme Mahamed

Kharme is a tech enthusiast and aspiring computer scientist & physicist. He dabbles in video games as well.

Leif Park Jordan

Leif Park Jordan is a student at Harvey Mudd college. He studies waves forms quite often. You can find him on Steam as BobRedshirt.

Lilly Beyer

Lilly Beyer is a student at Minneapolis Community and Technical College and works for the Minneapolis Parks and Recreation Board. She enjoys...

Liz Hochman

Liz is a certified doula and lamaze birth educator. She has been doing this work for over a decade, and owns the business birthED in Hopkins...

Luca Stefani

Luca Stefani is a Director for LineageOS, a community-maintained Android ROM. He focuses on the platform and maintains a few devices.

Marwa ElDiwiny

Marwa ElDiwiny is host of the IEEE RAS Soft Robotics Podcast, and is Faculty of Electrical Engineering, Mathematics, and Computer Science at...

Mary Austad

Mary is an almost human, who holds to the the truth that 42 is the answer to life, the universe, and everything.

Matthew Linder

Matthew Linder, or Snuffy, is a Computer Science student at the University of Minnesota Morris campus.

Max Fierke

Max is a software engineer. He's pretty cool.

Max Marti

Max Marti attends the University of Minnesota Morris.

Meghan Griffin

Meghan is a Brooklyn based podcaster. She is the co-host of Judging Book Covers Podcast, Fableulous Retellings, Handbook Podcast, and Minds ...

Melody Hoffmann

Dr Melody is a Communications Professor, bike enthusiast, AirBnB host, and podcaster based in the Twin Cities. Check out her show, Feminist ...

Mike Lindsay

Mike "Coz" Lindsay works on the communications team at Ramsey County. He also volunteers with Sustain Ward 3 and formerly served on the High...

Mike Sandberg

Mike Sandberg is a podcaster from the Cincinnati area. His show, The Future Jam, is designed to ignite curiosity about where humanity is he...

Naomi Kritzer

Naomi is a science fiction and fantasy writer living in St. Paul, Minnesota. She has been writing science fiction and fantasy for twenty yea...

Nic McPhee

Nic is a computer science professor at University of Minnesota Morris. Ian R Buck and Brian Mitchell both took classes with him in their tim...

Nolen Johnson

Nolen Johnson is part of LineageOS, a community-maintained Android ROM. He is a device maintainer who also works on developer relations and ...

Paul Schliep

Paul attends the University of Minnesota: Morris and is majoring in Computer Science.

Peter Westby

Peter is a social studies teacher at Minnesota Virtual Schools.

Quentin Pongratz

Quentin Pongratz is a podcaster from Oklahoma. He and Daniel Pool host Double Issue, a show telling stories in an original superhero world.

Rebecca Dean

Rebecca is a professor of anthropology at University of Minnesota, Morris. She teaches courses in archeology and biological anthropology.

Redd Spinks

Redd Spinks adapted the cover of Robots Will Steal Your Job, But That's OK into album art for the audiobook version released here on The Nex...

Reuben Anderson

Reuben Anderson loves consoles and attended the University of Minnesota at Morris.

Ross Nover

Ross Nover is a graphic designer, former professor, and the creator of The System comic.

Sam Roth

Sam Roth attends the University of Minnesota: Morris.

Scott Kopp

Scott has been a quasi-uncle to Ian R Buck his entire life. An amateur photographer and videographer, he likes going on epic trips with frie...

Stella Cannon

Stella Cannon is close friends with Savannah Haslow and Ian R Buck. She watches a lot of Law & Order: SVU, uses iOS, has more Twitter follow...

Tai Rielle

Tai Rielle is a fan of Guild Wars 2 and loves the old days of Final Fantasy 10.

Tanushri Buck

Tanushri can be found winning championships with their school Ultimate team, but you probably won't find them online.

Taylor Dixon

Taylor Dixon is a Tech Writer and Teardown Engineer at iFixit, a website that aims to provide every resource a person would need to repair t...

Thomas McPhee

Thomas McPhee is a Twin Cities-based playwright and actor who grew up in Morris, MN.

Tim Lowe

Tim is one of the co-ghosts of the animorphs reread podcast Minds at Yeerk. He has also made guest appearances on numerous other podcasts su...

Zac Skalko

Zac is a senior software engineer. He makes the things on the screen do what people want.