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Everything Old Is Out Of Beta

Episode #66

Oops, we're back and try to cover 11 months in one episode! Brian, Brandon and Ryan return each with some personal catch up and chat about better browser Interop, swc and esbuild and so much more.

Marin Four Corners Review

Episode #117

Ian is a utilitarian cyclist to the core, and is there a more pure expression of that than traveling from one metro area to another by bike? The Marin Four Corners is designed to take you the distance, at an affordable price. Come find out if they hit the mark!

Specialized Sirrus Review

Episode #116The Fringe #586

Ian and Brandon have both ridden the Sirrus more than any other bike. And while neither of them currently ride it on a regular basis, they have a lot to say about how it fits into various types of lifestyles.

A Grey T-shirt from Target

Episode #586 SO #116

Ian tries out a new recording setup, which allowed him to keep recording Brandon after Brandon stopped his. See if you can spot the transition point!

Bike Toolkit Roundup

Episode #115

With just a modest collection of tools, you can make most adjustments and fix most problems that commonly come up while riding a bike! In this episode, Ian shows what he has with him at all times on his bike, and discusses three ways of carrying those tools.

Apidura Expedition Full Frame Pack Review

Episode #114

That triangle in the middle of your bike frame isn't doing you any good sitting empty! A frame bag takes advantage of that space for cargo capacity. Listen in to find out how Ian likes Apidura's entry into this product category.

TED #56 — Students in my DMs

Episode #585 TED #56

With the expectation that he would be publishing an episode about Distance Learning in September 2020, Ian conducted a series of interviews with educators during the summer. Unfortunately, by the time he published the episode in June 2021, most of that content was irrelevant. But if you are interested in a snapshot of how we were all feeling in summer 2020, here are the unedited interviews!

Distance Learning

Episode #56The Fringe #585

Over the last year-and-a-half, most of the education world has had to quickly adapt to a new model that we had never used before. Distance Learning has certainly been a journey, and one that will probably continue shaping education even as we go back into our physical classrooms.