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Spark A Revolution

Episode #1

On the first episode of The Universe with Sam Ebertz and Ryan Rampersad discuss the next step in theory and experiment, neuroscience's future, jetpacks and cellphones back in the 1950's, NASA's lack of funding and interest, and more!

The Windows Are Jiggly

Episode #12

This week we talk about Windows 8, Rusty Firefox, iBooks success, iPad jail breaking, nonsense interfaces, wireless networking futures and more, in our revised tabular studio!

Comfy Pants & Doom Clock

Episode #11

Special guest Sam Ebertz joins Matt and Ryan via Skype and talks about the Kindle Fire, SOPA's blackout protest, the Apple Education event, and the week's technology news, along with a short review on the Wolfram Networking app for iPad. All that, and more!

Delicious Pears and Biscuits

Episode #10

Matthew talks about Vizio's new computer line, Ubuntu and Google TVs, and Ryan speculates about Apple's special education event and rejects Google+ search integration. All that and more!

China is Singular

Episode #9

On the first episode of the year, Ryan reiterates his love of TV bezels, Apple's rumored publishing event and Windows 8 refreshing and resetting. Matthew questions the Steve Jobs figurine, the Apple password backup charger, and education with technology. All that, and more!

Looking Back and Ahead at the Same Time

Episode #1

Happy New Year! Matthew and Ryan have a guest this week, William, and chat about the biggest events of the year, from Amazon to Apple, and Microsoft to HP, all that and more in this reflection and speculation episode.

Feeling Up the Bezel is Not Appropriate

Episode #8

Happy New Year! Matthew and Ryan cover more Apple TV nonsense Apple TV rumors, another DropBox alternative, Verizon's payment convenience charge, Samsung's ICS flip-flop, Ive's knighthood and more!

Pepperoni Facing Right Side Up

Episode #7

On this Christmas adam episode, Matthew and Ryan talk about the death of the AT&T-Tmobile merge, OwnCloud, the AMD Radeon 7970, an iPod nano on your sleeve, Facebook suing Mark Zuckerberg, and more!

Toner Disaster

Episode #6

Another week solo, Ryan covers Kindle Fire problems, MacBook Pro display rumors, new AdBlock Plus rules, HP open-sourcing webOS, continued free calling by Google, and more!

Jumping Around In Order

Episode #5

After fixing last week's trouble Matthew and Ryan come back strong with news on Apple's database center, the mysterious disappearance of AMD's transistors, Steve Jobs's Biography is #1, Bill Gates's reactor, and more.