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By Accident In The Name Of Science

Episode #8

Sam Ebertz, Ryan Rampersad and guest Matthew Petschl discuss Sam's final project in scheme, our favorite AES alternative, dinosaur eggs, potential energy recovery through nanotech, bomb sizes, disappearing sharks, shuttle Discovery's final flight, Planetary Resources introduction of the real space age and more!

Someone’s Turned On A CRT!

Episode #22

Matthew Petschl and Ryan Rampersad, along with guest Sam Ebertz, reminisce about the goat chase, then discuss IBM's POS business, the dual Larry's battle it out over Java, Android and Oracle, Torvalds' prize, Halo 4, a leaky valve led to no cooking, Windows 8 is just Windows 8, finally an bridge worth crossing, and more!

Quantum Pop

Episode #7

Mr. Universe, Sam Ebertz, returns with Ryan Rampersad to honor Yuri's night and mankind's future, stars spewing everywhere, a super special spectrometer, a bunch of books, a better source for random data, rants reaching the multiverse, dark matter in your body, an introduction into Looper and more!

Hey Mr. Government

Episode #21

After an adventure, Matthew Petschl, Ryan Rampersad and guest Sam Ebertz discuss the Facebook's purchase of Instagram, BestBuy CEO's resignation and lack of counting skills, Google's earnings and Plus-numbers, Apple rumors on iTunes 11's break up, the iPhone 5 and technical details, the Nook with a light on Amazon heels, cell phone tracking, and so much more.

It’s Not Called Quacking

Episode #20

A few days late, Matthew and Ryan discuss Virgin Mobile rumors, Apple's new Wifigate, a Mac botnet, obligatory rumors, a warranty lawsuit, a patent troll, OS/2 Warp's celebration, rouge statistics, snakes in a what, and more.

I’m Not Into Skirting

Episode #4

On Easter eve, Ryan has his father as a guest in the studio and chat about Microsoft's Windows 8, Best Buy's closing and possible solutions, Android, animal travesties, more on meta-podcasting and so much more on this Nexus Special.

Well, Lawyer Man Says

Episode #19

Guest co-host Paul Horn and Ryan discuss BestBuy's demise and improvement plan, Android revenue, Apple's misleading advertising, Orbis rumors, Go 1.0, Netflix's interest in DVDs, a spark in Microsoft traffic, and more At The Nexus.

How Much Would You Pay For The Universe?

Episode #6

Sam Ebertz and Ryan Rampersad discuss the new Angry Birds and our addiction, the Hunger Games, springbreak, an entrapped NASA-spy, robotic jellyfish, Einstein's collection, Neil deGrasse Tyson's video on NASA, and more on The Universe.

Chop Off The TrackPad

Episode #18

Matthew Petschl and Ryan Rampersad discuss the new HP laptop in the studio, mail problems, new site designs and for the news, Apple's dividend and sales, HP's printer and PC divisions to converge, the Virgin Mobile outage, Windows 8 in October, new open source graphics drivers, a Twitter and GCC birthday and more At The Nexus.

On A Word to Word Basis

Episode #17

Matthew Petschl and Ryan Rampersad discuss all the action that Western Digital is getting, early Ivy Bridge benchmarks, a marketing campaign that answers to A Higher Calling, a cheap Sprint Android phone, a couple Dropbox updates, the estimated new iPad costs and more, At The Nexus.