At The Nexus

At The Nexus is the premiere weekly podcast of The Nexus featuring Ryan Rampersad and Matthew Petschl with discussion on Apple, Google, Microsoft, lawsuits, software, hardware, trends and technology news.

The Windows Are Jiggly

Episode #12

This week we talk about Windows 8, Rusty Firefox, iBooks success, iPad jail breaking, nonsense interfaces, wireless networking futures and more, in our revised tabular studio!
W're back in our new and improved studio now with a desk. This week, we talk about the slight delay for the previous episode, follow up on last week's SOPA and MegaUpload stories, Windows 8 upcoming beta and future, Ubuntu 12.04's HUD nonsense HUD interface, iPad Jailbreaking and more! Ryan had a little cold during the show, so prepare for some sniffles.


And a big happy birthday to Matthew Petschl!