The Universe

Science, the final frontier, with astrophysics, neuroscience, computer science, mathematics and more speculation than on morning television, with fledgling computer scientist host Sam Ebertz and Ryan Rampersad.

Spark A Revolution

Episode #1

On the first episode of The Universe with Sam Ebertz and Ryan Rampersad discuss the next step in theory and experiment, neuroscience's future, jetpacks and cellphones back in the 1950's, NASA's lack of funding and interest, and more!
Welcome to The Universe! Sam Ebertz, amateur quantum machinist and astrophysicist is the host. In this first episode, we talk about humans being able to do the impossible, the potentials uses and possibility of mind reading and converting brain signals back into sound and imagery, and NASA problem. Please pardon some intermittent Skype audio trouble.



We're looking for feedback on this first episode. Let us know what you think!