At The Nexus

At The Nexus is the premiere weekly podcast of The Nexus featuring Ryan Rampersad and Matthew Petschl with discussion on Apple, Google, Microsoft, lawsuits, software, hardware, trends and technology news.

Well, Lawyer Man Says

Episode #19

Guest co-host Paul Horn and Ryan discuss BestBuy's demise and improvement plan, Android revenue, Apple's misleading advertising, Orbis rumors, Go 1.0, Netflix's interest in DVDs, a spark in Microsoft traffic, and more At The Nexus.
Matthew Petschl is absent this week, but his position is filled with by guest co-host, Paul Horn. He and Ryan Rampersad lament the closing of BestBuy and discuss what they can do to improve; Google's Android revenue, Apple lawsuits, PS4 rumors, Go 1.0 and Netflix still caring about and a hilarious investigation by Microsoft. At the end, Paul Horn shares a special number with us and leaves us speechless.


April Fools!