The Universe

Science, the final frontier, with astrophysics, neuroscience, computer science, mathematics and more speculation than on morning television, with fledgling computer scientist host Sam Ebertz and Ryan Rampersad.

Quantum Pop

Episode #7

Mr. Universe, Sam Ebertz, returns with Ryan Rampersad to honor Yuri's night and mankind's future, stars spewing everywhere, a super special spectrometer, a bunch of books, a better source for random data, rants reaching the multiverse, dark matter in your body, an introduction into Looper and more!
Sam Ebertz returns from the abyss with Ryan Rampersad to discuss some good reading materials, a star emitting dust, the most powerful infra-red telescope ever, the darker side of the moon, an homage to Yuri's night, mars' missing water, along with good videos of spy satellites, rants on multidimensional quandaries, dark matter not mattering in your body, and film preview, a little bit of magic and more!