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TED #29 — Daily? Is it John?

Episode #465 TED #29

Ian struggles to organize the show notes before Brian arrives. Ryan talks a bunch about JavaScript something-something, despite the fact that Brandon isn't there.

The Access Economy and the End of Ownership

Episode #29The Fringe #465

Imagine a world where you don't have to buy anything because you readily have access to it. Ian R Buck and Brian Mitchell discuss the technologies that could get us there, and the possible consequences of such a system. Ian also interviewed special guest Melody Hoffmann about AirBnB and the sharing economy, which is a current example of an access system.

CS #140 — Make a Smart Shack

Episode #464 CS #140

Steve enjoyed his porkchop, but Andrew isn't a fan of sour kraut, which reminds Andrew of his Berlin trip. Steve talks about his shack, and possible fake crime in GTA. They start talking about personal stuff around 21 minutes in.

Not my Cloud

Episode #140The Fringe #464

Steve and Andrew are excited to talk about RASPBERRY! hosted IoT, fake real missiles, Libreoffice, AMD, Mozilla, MPEG, Xerox, and threats of being a barista.

Chromecast Audio Review

Episode #37The Fringe #462

The Chromecast Audio is a unicorn: really cheap, useful on a daily basis, and integrates so seamlessly into your life that you forget it's there. Come hear Ian R Buck tell Ryan Rampersad why this is his smart speaker of choice!

Google Home Mini Review

Episode #36The Fringe #462

Smart speakers are here to stay, and Google's second iteration is smaller and cheaper. Ian and Ryan talk about how the ecosystem has changed since last year, as well as comparing the capabilities of the Mini to the Original.

TED #28 — Advice for Audiobooks

Episode #461 TED #28

The Extra Dimension episode this Fringe is attached to was a practice round for Ian's plan to make an audiobook. Please give him feedback on what went well and what he can improve on!