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From Zero to Accelerating

Episode #32The Fringe #442

Brandon, Brian, and Ryan discuss the Apple Event, W3C's DRM standard, js-beautify's broken release, ReactJS's license, and Microsoft.

Eclipse The Sun Microsystems

Episode #134

ARRR! Andrew wants you to know he'll be observin' International Talk Like A Pirate Day! Steven gets in on the fun. Then they talk boring stuff, like space probes, RASPBERRY!, Google, C, NGINX, Linux, Oracle, Java, and Equifax.

Nintendo Switch Review

Episode #27The Fringe #441

Ian is joined by Geoff Schumacher, who has had his Switch for about five months. There's a lot to unpack here, from specs to controllers to the games themselves. So settle in and enjoy!

SO #27 — Switchwich

Episode #441 SO #27

The Nintendo Switch review was VERY long before Ian edited it down. This Fringe contains several subjects that were discussed, but were ultimately not focused enough to keep in the final version.

USB Type-C: One Connector to Rule Them All

Episode #24The Fringe #440

Chances are you will soon own a phone that charges via USB Type-C, and maybe even a laptop and console too! What are the promises and challenges that come with switching to this new connector? Join Ian R Buck and Ryan Rampersad as they explore this topic!

Apple September 2017 Event

Episode #55The Fringe #439

Brian and Ryan discuss the Apple September 2017 Event. Apple Watch Series 3, Apple TV 4K, iPhone 8, iPhone X, and more!

The Internet Took All The Fun Away

Episode #133

After a summer eclipse vacation, Andrew and Steve return to talk some RASPBERRY!, Windows, BSD, old school game hacks, and talk a lot about Google.