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Working Hard, or Hardly Working… From Home

Episode #55The Fringe #574

The COVID-19 pandemic suddenly thrust many of us into a world where we find ourselves working from home. How is that affecting the people going through this, and how is it reshaping society at large?

Episode summary

00:00:00 | Intro
00:02:42 | Video call etiquette
00:15:23 | Random, informal encounters
00:20:01 | Choosing communication mediums
00:28:30 | Work-life balance
00:39:58 | Establishing your personal brand
00:42:11 | Establishing a daily routine
00:51:14 | Land use
00:55:24 | Setting up your physical space
01:04:26 | Advantages to companies
01:06:19 | Infrastructure challenges for companies
01:13:15 | Best practices for managers
01:17:12 | Jobs that cannot be done remotely
01:25:40 | Kids at home
01:30:31 | Do you want to continue working from home?
01:33:48 | Outro

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