Nexus Special

The Nexus Specials are for awesomely spectacular occasions and breaking news coverage.

New Year’s Eve 2017

Episode #57The Fringe #459

A lot happened in the world of technology in 2017! Ian R Buck, Brian Mitchell, and Ryan Rampersad analyze the major stories to glean lessons about what is coming in the future.

Episode Summary

00:00:00 | Intro

00:00:30 | News

00:58:52 | Products

01:45:58 | State of the Nexus

  • First full year of episodes being on YouTube
  • The Extra Dimension and Second Opinion have consistent schedules now, which has done wonders for download numbers
  • The Extra Dimension is broadcast on Frogtown Community Radio, which is exciting!
  • Putting in timestamps for each segment of the episodes
    • Difficult to know how many listeners get utility out of it
    • Useful for putting YouTube ad breaks and radio reads in reasonable places
  • Future
    • CMSv3
    • Enthusiastic About Everything
    • Robots Will Steal Your Job audiobook
    • Short promotionals to put at the ends of episodes
    • More crossovers/teamups with other podcasters

02:13:42 | Outro

02:15:08 | Post-Show