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Google I/O 2018

Episode #58The Fringe #474

Google has plenty of new announcements for us this year, including Android P features, machine learning, a revamp of Google News, machine learning, Google Lens rolling out to more phones, and machine learning! Sit down with Ian R Buck and Betsy Dadabo to hear all about it.

Episode Summary

00:00:00 | Intro

00:04:22 | AI

00:06:55 | Android P

00:32:13 | Google Assistant

00:49:49 | Google Photos

00:53:48 | Google News Revamp

01:01:27 | Material Theme

01:03:54 | Google Maps

01:12:30 | Google Lens

01:14:35 | Waymo

01:18:41 | Omissions

01:20:00 | Outro

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