Nexus Special

The Nexus Specials are for awesomely spectacular occasions and breaking news coverage.

Made by Google Event 2017

Episode #56The Fringe #444

Google has announced their major new hardware for the next year! Despite the leaks ahead of time, there were still a few surprises in store. Join Ryan Rampersad and Ian R Buck to hear all about it!


Products Announced

00:03:04 | Google Home New Features

  • Call with your phone number, even if you’re not a Fi subscriber or Google Voice user
  • Command it to ring your Android phone
  • More options for routines
  • Allowing it to more naturally accept commands, like “warm up the living room” because it knows what the current settings are
  • Broadcast a message to all Google Home devices in the house
  • Family Link account support (those accounts for kids under 13)
    • Partnering with Disney and other kid-focused companies to provide content

00:06:31 | Google Home Mini

  • $50
  • Almost all fabric
  • Chalk color alone took 157 tries to get right

00:08:41 | Google Home Max

  • $400
  • Big, rectangular Home
  • Best speakers yet
  • They love that bass
  • Smart sound: adjusts audio based on its environment. Hi, HomePod!
    • Learns over time: low volume in the morning, loud when the dishwasher is going
  • Bluetooth and aux input supported as well
  • Comes with 12 months of YouTube Red free

00:12:47 | Nest

  • Reminded us about their new products
  • Integrated with other Google products
    • Nest cam can send its feed to Chromecast
    • Nest hello can announce through Google Home who is at the door

00:14:17 | Pixelbook

  • Starts at $1000
  • 10 mm
  • 1kg
  • 12.3” screen
  • 10 hours battery
  • 15 minute charging gives 2 hours
  • Instant tethering - can immediately choose your phone as your wifi
  • Google Assistant built in - first laptop
    • Dedicated button
  • Pixel Pen
    • $100
    • Circle things on screen, Assistant pulls up information about them
  • Google Play
    • Working with Snapchat to make a version for the larger screen

00:24:31 | Pixel 2 & Pixel 2 XL

  • Pixel 2
    • $650 for 64GB
    • $750 for 128GB
    • Kinda blue (Verizon exclusive,) just black, clearly white
    • Manufactured by HTC
    • 5” 1920x1080 screen
    • 2,700mAh battery
    • Dimensions: 145.7mm x 69.7mm x 7.8mm
  • Pixel 2 XL
    • $850 for 64GB
    • $950 for 128GB
    • Manufactured by LG
    • 6” 2880x1440 screen
    • Slightly curved display
    • Goes right up to the sides
    • 3,520mAh battery
    • Dimensions: 157.9mm x 76.7mm x 7.9mm
  • Both
    • Feature parity
    • Aluminum back
    • IP67
    • 7 hours charge from 15 minutes
    • Always on display
      • Shows what information?
      • Identifies song that is playing
    • Launcher
      • Google search is now at the bottom
    • Squeeze the phone to get to Google Assistant
      • Thanks, HTC!
      • Not remappable
    • Dual front-facing speakers
    • They DIDN’T talk about the missing headphone jack
    • They didn’t talk about the missing wireless charging
    • Assistant has customizable routines, such as “Let’s go home”
    • Google Lens
      • Google Goggles, rebranded and integrated into many other apps
    • ARCore
      • “All the fun, no LEGO pieces to step on”
      • AR stickers, exclusive to Pixel
    • DXOMark score of 98 (up from 89)
    • Motion Photos. Like Live Photos.
    • Free Google Home Mini if you buy a Pixel 2 soon!

00:59:58 | New Daydream Viewer

  • Better lenses
  • Blocks out more light
  • Strap on top

01:00:36 | Google Pixel Buds

  • $160
  • Wireless earbuds
  • When you pair with a Pixel, you get access to Google Assistant
  • Real-time Google translate

01:04:18 | Google Clips

  • Camera that you set somewhere, and it takes photos for you
  • Designed with pet owners and parents in mind

01:07:09 | Moto X4

  • Not technically part of this event, but important for Project Fi
  • Android One version of X4 is the first non-Google (ie Pixel or Nexus) phone available on Project Fi
  • $400, which is incredibly important because without it Project Fi would be a network with only flagship-priced phones available
  • Trading in a Nexus 5X or 6P by October 5th would get you $50 Fi credit, on top of the normal trade-in value
    • If you have a Nexus 5X, this is a great deal because your 5X could die at any moment