Nexus Special

The Nexus Specials are for awesomely spectacular occasions and breaking news coverage.

Apple September Event 2019

Episode #66The Fringe #559

Apple's 2019 iPhone event is here! Services, a new watch, new iPhones, plus a new iPad are here, with Brian Mitchell and Ryan Rampersad.

WWDC 2019

Episode #65

Brian and Brandon discuss all the new things from Apple's WWDC19 keynote!

Google I/O 2019

Episode #64The Fringe #538

Ian and Ryan discuss Google I/O 2019 - services, enhancements, privacy upgrades, phones and more!

New Year’s Eve 2018

Episode #63The Fringe #509

2018 shaped up to be a big year in many ways! Join Ryan, Brian, and Ian as they discuss the biggest themes and trends in science and technology this year. And of course, your annual State of The Nexus report!

Made by Google 2018

Episode #61The Fringe #497

Despite the fact that the Pixel 3 may be the most leaked phone of all time, Google had a few new things to show us at their annual hardware event. Join Ryan and Ian as they discuss the Pixel 3, Home Hub, and Pixel Slate!

Apple September Event 2018

Episode #60The Fringe #492

Brian and Ryan discuss the Apple September 2018 iPhone event, and we talk all about the new Apple Watch Series 4 and three new iPhones – iPhone XπŸ…‚, iPhone XπŸ…‚ Max and iPhone XπŸ…, and of course, what we did not hear about at this keynote.

WWDC 2018

Episode #59The Fringe #477

Brian Mitchell and Ryan Rampersad discuss WWDC 2018: iOS performance updates, watchOS maturity, tvOS surrounds, macOS in the desert and of course no long awaited hardware updates!

Google I/O 2018

Episode #58The Fringe #474

Google has plenty of new announcements for us this year, including Android P features, machine learning, a revamp of Google News, machine learning, Google Lens rolling out to more phones, and machine learning! Sit down with Ian R Buck and Betsy Dadabo to hear all about it.

New Year’s Eve 2017

Episode #57The Fringe #459

A lot happened in the world of technology in 2017! Ian R Buck, Brian Mitchell, and Ryan Rampersad analyze the major stories to glean lessons about what is coming in the future.