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Apple September Event 2018

Episode #60The Fringe #492

Brian and Ryan discuss the Apple September 2018 iPhone event, and we talk all about the new Apple Watch Series 4 and three new iPhones – iPhone X🅂, iPhone X🅂 Max and iPhone X🅁, and of course, what we did not hear about at this keynote.



00:00 | Intro

01:57 | Apple Watch Series 4

  • $399 base model, $499 base model with cellular
  • The watch bands from the past are compatible
  • The watch bands from the future are compatible with older models as well
  • The sizes increased
    • 40mm/44mm
    • Smaller bezel
    • Thinner
    • Rounded corners of the screen
  • Some watch faces have full color backgrounds because they look good now
  • Health
    • Fall detection
    • Low heart rate detection (to add to high heart rate detection)
    • ECG monitor
      • First over the counter
      • FDA approved
      • US only for now?
  • New sensor module on the bottom
    • It looks really cool HAL9000
    • Symmetric now
  • Digital Crown ticks/scroll feedback
  • Microphone moved to the other side
  • S4 SoC
    • It’s faster than ever
    • Cool
    • Up to 2x faster
  • Louder speaker
  • Better cellular reception with the case allowing more signals in and out


12:19 | iPhone X🅂

  • Starting at $999 at 64GB for X🅂 and $1099 X🅂 Max
    • The larger model is cheaper than I thought it would be
    • Storage bumps are $150 still, but it’s not terrible
  • New chip: A12 Bionic
    • It’s 2 powerful core - 4 efficient chips
    • 4ish cores for the GPU, which is faster too
    • It’s 7nm, for what it’s worth
  • Cameras
    • Each phone has the same camera module, so there’s no camera differentiation
    • Smart HDR
      • It’s supposed to be similar to how the Pixel processes images, we’ll see it in the field soon enough
    • Dynamic bokeh, you can change the aperture after you take a photo
    • IP68 (maximum depth of 2 meters up to 30 minutes)

24:02 | iPhone X🅁

  • Starting at $750 at 64GB
  • Lots of colors; Product(RED) out the door
  • LCD screen as expected
  • No 3D Touch
  • Single camera
  • IP67

30:13 | Entire iPhone Lineup

  • iPhone 8/8+ and 7/7+ remain in the lineup
    • Price updates are
      • $449 for iPhone 7; $569 for iPhone 7 Plus
      • $599 for iPhone 8, $699 for iPhone 8 Plus
        • Reasonable pricing all around for these old models
        • My dream of having only a single phone shape to design for going forward was shattered; but it’s the Tim Cook way (and the price umbrella)
  • There’s a neat new iPhone Comparison page
  • Compare the footprints
  • No iPhone SE for those that like smaller phones
    • Speaking of which, the iPhone SE looks like it has been removed from the Apple website broadly
      • This means the iPhone 7 is the smallest currently offered iPhone; will we see the SE2 at the next event for fun? Or in Spring?
  • No new iPads or Macs today
  • AirPower mysteriously removed

What are you buying?

  • Brian: thinking about iPhone X🅂 Max
  • Ryan: Grandpa might need an X🅁

How was this keynote overall?

45:44 | Connect With The Nexus


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