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Episode #6The Fringe #523

Matt feels the bootcamp picking up speed by learning AJAX and using his first APIs, plus Ryan explains the secret to a cleaner GitHub and finally Matt works on his "brand".

Brand Statement

Episode #5The Fringe #522

Matt begins working on his brand statement, finds and fixes some bugs, and learns quirks of jQuery while Ryan finds out that while the Bootcamp class has "career services" they are optional.

Unemployment Tomorrow

Episode #9

Many argue that as new technologies eliminate jobs, they create new jobs. This chapter analyzes why that is an unlikely outcome with automation this widespread.

Tidying Up Your Digital Life

Episode #41The Fringe #521

Many people have been using Marie Kondo's method to tidy up their physical spaces, but what about all the digital stuff we have? Join Ian R Buck as he sorts through this topic and interviews some of the other TNTV hosts who have given a lot of thought to their digital collections.

TED #41 — Tortilla Fetish

Episode #521 TED #41

When you're recording with someone remotely, make sure that everyone knows that they are expected to record their end of the audio. Totally unrelated: Ian and Andrew had to do a second take of the backup segment.

IB #4 — Ocasta

Episode #520 IB #4

Matt does not know many politicians.

Catch Em All

Episode #4The Fringe #520

Matt continues his journey into JavaScript: functions, objects, the DOM and even jQuery, plus Matt finds a way to include his favorite Pokemon into an assignment.