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Episode #15

One of the reasons that pursuing the hedonic treadmill is that our brains are wired to create happiness for us, regardless of the events around us.

CS #154 — Hipster Mower

Episode #533 CS #154

Andrew offers Steve and Rachel some dinner, then eat, and talk about lawns offices.

Fancy Web Browser Thingamajig

Episode #154The Fringe #533

After a normal period, Steve and Andrew talk about RASPBERRY!, new GPUs, old GPUs, Microsoft, lazy loading, and maybe something else, but I forgot.

Node Continued

Episode #11The Fringe #532

Matt continues learning Node, and practices new JavaScript techniques with Constructors.

Income and Happiness

Episode #14

There is a bit more nuance to the question of whether income can affect your happiness. It comes down to the difference between emotional well-being and life satisfaction.

Beginning Node

Episode #10The Fringe #531

Matt learns Node, reflects on Group Project 1 and follows up from Interview Day, a chat on Open Source North!

IB #10 — Purpulized

Episode #531 IB #10

Matt talks about learning more after class because the professor was desperate.

Limetown Review

Episode #62The Fringe #530

Limetown is a mystery/thriller audiodrama with themes of the social implications of technology. Meg Griffin and Tim Lowe join Ian R Buck to review the podcast, the tie-in novel, and talk about the upcoming video series.