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Too Many Quacks Out There

Episode #54The Fringe #567

We finish off the year with holiday cards, static site generators, React Query, React Spring, and Redux Toolkit!

Cache the Whole Farm

Episode #53The Fringe #566

New 16" MacBook Pro, The Pragmatic Programmer, React Conf 2019, and Redux Style Guide!

Samsung Galaxy Watch Active 1 Review

Episode #78

Ryan reviews the Samsung Galaxy Watch Active 1, and the verdict is there are not enough apps for this to even be a smart watch.

AirPods Pro Review

Episode #77

Brian overviews the AirPods Pro!

Catfishing With Naomi Kritzer

Episode #48The Fringe #565

Ian sits down with author Naomi Kritzer to chat about her brand-new book, Catfishing on CatNet! They talk about the book, its themes of online friendship, privacy, and tracking, as well as digging into some delightful local references. Plus, a few details about the sequel came up as well!

Anker Soundcore Motion+ Review

Episode #76

Ryan reviews the Anker Soundcore Motion+ Bluetooth Speaker, and describes his criteria for using and purchasing a modern speaker against the alternatives.

Eco-Friendly Technology

Episode #47The Fringe #564

We all love our technology: it does many many things to improve our everyday lives. But what is it doing to our planet? How can we use our technology in an environmentally responsible manner? Ian interviews experts from LineageOS, iFixit, the Rebble Alliance, the Washington County Environmental Center, and Tech Dump to talk about the many different aspects of reducing the environmental impact of consumer technology.