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Specialized Pizza Rack Review

Episode #89

The Pizza Rack is easily the most unique aspect of Ian's bike build. It provides not only railings for panniers to attach to, but also a generous platform to place objects on top. Come find out how well Ian likes it!

Episode summary

00:00 | Intro
Pizza Rack |
00:36 | Capacity
Ian R Buck on Twitter: "Time to haul away some yard waste! Five gigantic bags of leaves and sticks. I can't believe we for them all on one bike and trailer!…"
02:50 | Versatility
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08:18 | Durability
08:49 | Final Thoughts
Ian R Buck on Twitter: "After nobly reminding everyone to Vote Yes last month, this yard sign will now be serving as a splash guard for the cargo on my Pizza Rack.…"
10:29 | Outro


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