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JLab Fit Sport Earbuds Review

Episode #66

After losing his Soundbuds while traveling, Ian had to buy a pair of earbuds he wasn't familiar with. Will the JLab Fit Sports satisfy him?

Tools and Tricks

Episode #16The Fringe #541

Matt's class takes a break from programming material, focuses on tools and tricks alongside the group project.

SO #65 — What Time Dot Is It

Episode #540 SO #65

Brandon and Ian have a few tangents during the show, including cursed trips to Seattle and discussing Anker's brand strategy.

Anker SoundBuds Slim Review

Episode #65The Fringe #540

Living without a headphone jack, Ian is now on a quest to find the cheapest Bluetooth earbuds that are worth using. Brandon pointed him towards Anker's SoundBuds Slim, let's find out if they measure up!

Making the Future

Episode #19

Now that we have sorted out how we want the economy to work in the future, let's discuss what we can do to help bring about those changes.


Episode #15The Fringe #539

Matt has installed the latest Ubuntu on his laptop, gets sick, learns why MySQL is weird and what ORMs are.