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Android 8.0 Oreo Review

Episode #30The Fringe #450

This year Ian R Buck finds himself all alone for the review of the latest version of Android. Highlights include a reorganized notifications tray, a fully redesigned emoji set, system-wide password manager, and picture-in-picture mode!

CS #136 — Trial Camera

Episode #449 CS #136

Steve talks about his trail camera (not trial camera) and his numerous partitions, and Andrew goes on a tour of his home town/county.

Ding! Your Files Are Done!

Episode #136The Fringe #449

Steve talks about his new place, Andrew talks about pizza, then they talk about RASPBERRY!, Apple, WPA2 WiFi, lots of updates for pretty much everything, Kinect, Humble Bundle, Microwave Assisted Magnetic Recording, MDN, and go down some rabbit holes.

TED #25 — Roko’s Basilisk

Episode #447 TED #25

While setting up, Buck is reminded of a thought experiment he learned about. Decker helps calm him down about it.

Directed Panspermia and Our Purpose in the Universe

Episode #25The Fringe #447

Directed panspermia is the concept of seeding planets with microbial life. It comes with a lot of baggage, such as the question of whether or not we are the result of such seeding and whether or not we should actively seed the rest of the universe. Ians Buck and Decker tackle these and other related topics, such as what our purpose is in the universe.

SO #29 — Janitor Silence

Episode #446 SO #29

Recording in a school is risky, even if it is several hours after classes end.

iPhone 8 Plus Review

Episode #29The Fringe #446

Ian is joined by Evan Haldeman, who recently upgraded from an iPhone 7 Plus to an iPhone 8 Plus. Come hear about all the notable new features, as well as the things that stayed the same!

CS #135 — Fun Kicked

Episode #445 CS #135

Andrew looks at Road Redemption DLC, and Steve tries to find a game he remembers from way back when.