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React Courage

Episode #43The Fringe #503

The PodKitters discuss the new React Hook proposal, the React ecosystem, new hardware, and VR!

Computer Preferences

Episode #37The Fringe #494

There are a lot of things to take into account when buying electronics. Ian, Aron, Brian, and Ryan are here to share some of the things they look for across the many types of computers.

macOS 10.14 Mojave Review

Episode #52The Fringe #501

Our first time reviewing a desktop operating system! There's a new version of macOS out, and Ian and Brian are here to tell you all about it!

CS #150 — I’m Doing Permaculture

Episode #500 CS #150

While dining on salad, Andrew and Steven review shownotes and block ads, before going off on reminiscing about olden times with Windows 3.1 and vintage games.

Chaos Monkey Got Out

Episode #150The Fringe #500

You've been upgraded! Andrew and Steven talk about YouTube being down, Winamp, Intel, TLS, Windows, Google, jQuery, and QuickTime. (The last one is not an upgrade!)

SO #51 — We Have to Is the Time

Episode #499 SO #51

A Fringe to rival the classics! Some good memes and YouTube poop gets shared, Brian talks in detail about his musical tastes and stage lighting, and we take some dives into Buck's digital footprint.

iPhone XS, XS Max Review

Episode #51The Fringe #499

This year we get to review two different sized iPhones at once! Apple is now all-in on removing the home button from their phones, so let's find out how that paradigm is holding up.