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Beginning Node

Episode #10The Fringe #531

Matt learns Node, reflects on Group Project 1 and follows up from Interview Day, a chat on Open Source North!

IB #10 — Purpulized

Episode #531 IB #10

Matt talks about learning more after class because the professor was desperate.

Limetown Review

Episode #62The Fringe #530

Limetown is a mystery/thriller audiodrama with themes of the social implications of technology. Meg Griffin and Tim Lowe join Ian R Buck to review the podcast, the tie-in novel, and talk about the upcoming video series.

Browser Extensions

Episode #42

Browser extensions are a fantastic tool for customizing your digital life. If you've never heard of them, come learn about them! If you're an extension veteran, check out the community forum segment where we talk about extensions that listeners like you wrote in about!

Growth and Happiness

Episode #13

Does making more money make us happier? Turns out that once we have met a certain threshold of our needs, making more money does not increase happiness.

Interview Day

Episode #9The Fringe #529

Matt's class has a break during the group project, then he tries the interview process for the first time and learns a lot about the process and himself.

A Box Museum

Episode #153The Fringe #528

After moving into a new place, Andrew and Steve talk about RASPBERRY!, content security, GANs, light web pages, USB, and some backup tales.