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PK #61 — Highland Bridge Globetrotter

Episode #579 PK #61

Something about notes apps. I'm editing this two weeks later, I can't remember what we talked about, but the title is excellent!

Gone Home Review

Episode #104

Ian digs deep into his well of feelings to talk about one of his favorite games of all time.

PK #60 — Drugs

Episode #578 PK #60

Shenanigans ensure. No drugs were consumed during the recording of this episode, I promise.

The Shallow Web

Episode #60The Fringe #578

iPad keyboards, History API, testing React apps, Jest's test.each, and Brandon got a Synology NAS!

Pixel 4a Review

Episode #103The Fringe #577

Ryan Rampersad reviews the Pixel 4a with Ian R Buck. The verdict: it's pretty good.

Let Go Review

Episode #102The Fringe #576

Grappling with what the world will be like as we approach post-scarcity is a daunting task; Let Go endeavors to do so in the form of a graphic novel. Ian R Buck is joined by Quentin Pongratz and Daniel J Pool to discuss it.

PK #59 — EDMKit

Episode #575 PK #59

This long Fringe is filled with lots of fun talking about stuff (who really remembers anyway), Dark (the Netflix show, you should watch it), and music.