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The Week Before

Episode #0

On the traditional zeroth episode, Matt and Ryan discuss Matt's entry in the University of Minnesota's coding bootcamp, and why he is going through with it and what he has done.

CS #151 — Adopt A Hobbit Door

Episode #514 CS #151

After a long time, Andrew and Steve catch up on what's going on, read the show notes, and go through what didn't make it to the show.

Bigger Coyotes Than Texas

Episode #151The Fringe #514

After a long hiatus, Andrew and Steven return to tell you all about new RASPBERRY!, vulnerabilities, some gaming news, and some updates on Kickstarters.


Episode #45The Fringe #513

The PodKitters discuss CSS Grid, React design systems, work life balance, and how about that fresh new Slack logo?

Information Technology

Episode #4

Now that we understand the nature of exponential growth, we can look at how it applies to the advancement of information technology.

Presenting Robots Will Steal Your Job

Episode #40

For the first time ever, The Nexus TV is publishing an audiobook! Here are the first few chapters of Robots Will Steal Your Job, But That's OK.

Exponential Growth

Episode #3

Most people do not fully grasp the implications of exponential growth. Federico presents us with some examples to help illustrate it.