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CS #122 — Tank Hipster

Episode #415 CS #122

Andrew talk about how PC gaming is dead, Steve explored Firefox changes, talk about video games and Firefox extensions. Also, Youtube was having problems.

Cat Sleeping on the Keyboard

Episode #122The Fringe #415

After reminiscing about the cookout a fortnight ago, Steve and Andrew talk about how kids can't use computers, RASPBERRY!, Samsung, PC hardware, Mozilla, Linux, Google, and Microsoft.

Nintendo Switch Reveal

Episode #50The Fringe #414

Savannah Haslow and Ian R Buck sit down to talk about all the details Nintendo revealed about the Switch, and what it means for the system's potential.

SO #15 — What’s Up With That

Episode #413 SO #15

Brandon and Brian discuss science-fiction books, producing the show, our websites, and Brandon's sad quadcopter.


Episode #15The Fringe #413

Brandon and Brian discuss Apple's new AirPods, and compare them to their other Bluetooth earbuds.

They Had Stack Overflow In ’91?

Episode #121

People got things for Christmas! Well, probably. Andrew and Steve talk about annoying recruiters, LG, IoT, routers, Firefox, cameras, Microsoft, golang, Cyanogen, old kernels, and compiling (stand by).

Off-Topic Conversations from NerdCon: Stories 2016

Episode #19

Ian talked to a lot of people at NerCon, and naturally some of the conversations took unexpected turns away from NerdCon itself; here are some deep dives into topics the guests are very excited about.

Conversations from NerdCon: Stories 2016

Episode #18

At NerCon: Stories Ian did something a little crazy; he sat down with random strangers to talk about their time at the convention! They covered a lot of different topics, so get ready for a wild ride!

SO #14 — Plugin Hell

Episode #412 SO #14

Setting up a double-ender is a lot harder than expected. Ian has to troubleshoot on the fly, and Ryan has the brilliant idea of recording a merged version as well as a backup.