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Oh, That Is A Pretty Bird

Episode #16

This week Ryan and Matthew discuss the recently launched Windows 8 Consumer Preview, discuss the last batch of the suspected Apple iPad keynote next week, bird sounds, the Googlighing video, another HTML5 marketplace of failure, the iPhone gas stove, Ubuntu 12.04: Precise Pangolin, and more At The Nexus.

Who Would Cut Off Their Arm?

Episode #4

Sam and Ryan talk about fierece winds from a black hole, the new source of buckyballs and their purpose, the interesting Euclidean algorithm and they have a fantastic debate about units, consistency and rightness.

Blatant Blanding

Episode #15

Matthew and Ryan discuss Steve's birthday, Apple rumors and the iPad 3 launch, Mountain Lion features and removals, Microsoft's branding demise, AMD's new cores, Ubuntu's new phone plan and more, At The Nexus.

State Of The Nexus

Episode #2

Matthew Petschl and Ryan Rampersad discuss the current state of The Nexus: At The Nexus and The Universe, progress, studios, video, audio, downloads, views, Amazon S3 usage and more!

Science for Americans

Episode #3

With life supporting metals, Sam, Ryan and Matthew lament more sad NASA news, discuss new breakthroughs in DNA robotics and hypernucleus discoveries, variable ice melting, exo-planets, Drake's equation and more!

Super Mega Ultra Bonus Points

Episode #14

Matthew Petschl and Ryan Rampersad discuss Mountain Lion features, AirPlay's future, Google & HP's jokes, poor prime memberships, solid state drive failures, 99.999% uptime, the Windows 8 logo and more, At The Nexus.

Competition We’re Afraid Of

Episode #2

This week Sam Ebertz and Ryan Rampersad return a few days late to discuss WolframAlpha Pro, the Milky Way's size and the future of beautiful space pictures, NASA's need for a taxi, budget cuts and a moon landing by a presidential prospective, the infamously unsolved P=NP problem, all that and more, on The Universe.

Vibrations of The Cat

Episode #13

This week, Matthew, Ryan and special guest, Sam, talk about the emerging Windows 8 Consumer Preview rumors, the Apple iPad 3 and MacBook Air rumors, Google and its GDrive, hard drive pricing spikes, double clicking and more, At The Nexus.

Spark A Revolution

Episode #1

On the first episode of The Universe with Sam Ebertz and Ryan Rampersad discuss the next step in theory and experiment, neuroscience's future, jetpacks and cellphones back in the 1950's, NASA's lack of funding and interest, and more!

The Windows Are Jiggly

Episode #12

This week we talk about Windows 8, Rusty Firefox, iBooks success, iPad jail breaking, nonsense interfaces, wireless networking futures and more, in our revised tabular studio!