The Universe

Science, the final frontier, with astrophysics, neuroscience, computer science, mathematics and more speculation than on morning television, with fledgling computer scientist host Sam Ebertz and Ryan Rampersad.

Using Bare Eyes

Episode #11

Sam Ebertz and Ryan Rampersad discuss Halo 4's E3 trailer, the know-it-all syndrome, why it sucks to see something technically wrong in a movie, lost lights in Detroit, the rare Venus crossing, a black home falling out of its galaxy, Iron Man 3 screenshots, and more!
Sam Ebertz and Ryan Rampersad discuss the being a know-it-all, or just having answer syndrome, a lot of water pretty far away, fish radiation, the olympic molecule, a runaway black hole and so much more!

And a huge happy birthday to Sam Ebertz!