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GDPR, the Privacy Policy Reckoning

Episode #32

You've probably been getting lots of emails about companies updating their privacy policies. They're all doing this at the same time because the EU's General Data Protection Regulation just came into effect. Find out what it means for you with Ian R Buck.

Episode Summary

00:00 | Intro

02:09 | Worldwide Effect

08:08 | Data Subject Rights

10:56 | International Law Enforcement

12:50 | Disclosure Requirements

13:23 | Privacy by Design and by Default

16:13 | Lawful Bases for Processing Data

19:16 | Consent

28:20 | Data Protection Officers

29:27 | Data Breaches

30:38 | Marketing

31:26 | Consequences

32:21 | Not Covered Under GDPR

33:53 | Criticisms

40:21 | Case Study: Google

48:34 | Outro

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