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The Philosophical Implications of the Technological Singularity

Episode #31The Fringe #471

If machines become more capable than humans in every way, the world will certainly be in for a wild ride. What will this mean for our society, our morality, and our understanding of ourselves? Ian R Buck is joined by Ian Decker and Mike Sandberg to delve deep into this mind-blowing topic.
To find out more about the technologies that will bring us to the Singularity, listen to the companion episode on the Future Jam podcast!

Episode Summary

00:00:00 | Intro

00:02:19 | Defining the Technological Singularity

00:06:18 | Historical Trends

00:13:48 | Augmenting Ourselves

00:20:56 | Consciousness and Robot Rights

00:34:24 | Backing Up the Human Mind

00:37:36 | Merging Our Minds

00:42:14 | The Chinese Room Argument

00:45:57 | The Digital Divide

00:51:47 | Existential Risks

00:54:07 | Gray Goo

01:04:15 | Hostile AI

01:09:08 | Ethics of the Singularity

01:19:46 | Outro



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