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Decentralized Publishing

Episode #33The Fringe #479

Today, more and more online content is being published on centralized platforms. That hasn't always been the case, since the internet was created as a decentralized system. Join Ian R Buck and Brian Mitchell as they explore the pros and cons of each approach, and try to figure out what the optimal way to publish content is!

Episode Summary

00:00 | Intro

02:11 | Defining Decentralized Publishing

06:03 | Examples of Decentralized Publishing

13:58 | New Decentralized Concepts

20:15 | AI Research

23:18 | Pros of Decentralized Publishing

36:15 | Pros of Centralized Publishing

37:43 | Mixing Centralized and Decentralized

40:03 | GDPR and Decentralization

41:04 | Open Source and Decentralization

42:52 | Ian's Publishing Goals

48:18 | Outro

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