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Google Wifi Review

Episode #25The Fringe #434

The Google Wifi does things a little different than most routers. Ian sits down with Ryan to talk about which things it does well, and which things it falls flat on.


  • Good range. Not amazing, but that's what mesh networks are for
  • Powered via USB type-C
  • Two Ethernet ports: one for connecting to the modem, and one for a device/switch
  • Setup was very user-friendly
    • Install app on phone, scan barcode on bottom and follow the on-screen prompts
  • Looks great
    • Similar aesthetic to Google Home
    • Single slot of light on the front indicates the internet's status
    • Goes great on our TV stand, which is black minimalist modern
  • Guest network
    • Can give access to particular devices on the guest network (eg Google Cast devices)
  • App
    • Can access it from wherever you are, internet connection willing
    • Device list
      • View each device's recent usage
      • Rename devices
      • Set a priority device
    • Network check
      • Speed test
      • Signal strength
  • Can add multiple Google accounts as administrators
  • Lots of advanced settings I didn't dig into
  • Finally, a router with comprehensive update notes!
  • Family wifi: label certain devices as kids’ devices, set automatic/manual pause times


  • Built for a mobile-first world
    • Companion app is the only way to control router
    • App only available for Android and iOS
  • Setup requires an internet connection
  • According to listener Su, the Neato Botvac cannot connect to Google WiFi

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