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Allo & Duo Review

Episode #9The Fringe #399

Ian R Buck and Ryan Rampersad hold nothing back as they criticize almost everything about Allo and Duo. You shouldn't install the apps, but you should find out why from us.

Things in Common

  • Available on Android and iOS.
  • Uses your phone number, your phone contacts to populate its contacts list.
    • Can only have one device associated with your number at a time.
    • Problem: I have far more people’s email addresses than phone numbers.
  • Not available on tablets.


  • Instant messaging app.
  • Integrates the new Google Assistant.
    • Finally admitting that most people don’t want to talk to their phone to get stuff done most of the time.
    • Seems to work alright. I discovered that it can send you the day’s weather forecast every morning. My little sister played games with it for a while.
    • This is pretty much Allo’s only unique feature, so when the Assistant becomes available in more areas of the phone/in Google Home, Allo will lose a lot of its appeal.
  • Does not tell you if a contact has Allo yet. If they do not, it sends the message as an SMS with a link to install Allo.
  • When you switch devices, you lose all your messages from the old device.
  • Duo

  • One-to-one video calling.
  • How is the video and audio quality?
  • Interface is simple, clean, to the point.
  • Knock knock.
  • Attributions