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Nexus Player Post-Mortem

Episode #26The Fringe #434

The Nexus Player is no longer being made or sold, but it provides some valuable insights into how the Android TV ecosystem is doing and what to look for in a set-top box. Join Ian and Ryan to hear about their experiences with it.


  • Google Cast built in
  • Hockey puck look isn't bad - nice and low-profile
  • Remote
    • Good for old people who can't understand casting
    • Bluetooth doesn't need line-of-sight
  • Can install apps/games from Google Play or APKs
  • When you start casting, it can command your TV to turn on and switch input to Nexus Player
  • Photo slideshow it shows as a screensaver is quite pleasant


  • Not well supported in the Googleverse anymore
    • Google Home cannot cast Netflix to it, even though it can do that to Chromecast
  • Setup involves typing in passwords with an on-screen keyboard controlled by the remote
  • Voice recognition in the remote isn't great
  • Not all streaming platforms are supported (read: Amazon Video)