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There Are No Versions, There Is Only Edge

Episode #562

There were audio problems when trying to record PK52, so we stopped recording and are releasing this stand-alone Fringe episode!

Much Megabytes

Episode #157The Fringe #561

RASPBERRIES! Andrew and Steve are back at it again with some news about Microsoft, Google, Mozilla, and... music formats?

SO #73 — Egg Pie

Episode #560 SO #73

The story about why Ian is naming Android 10 "Quiche."

Android 10 Review

Episode #73

Android 10 is here, and brings with it dark mode, gesture navigation, and tweaks to many many things! Ian has been using it for a little over a week, and he's ready to tell you all about the changes.

Apple September Event 2019

Episode #66The Fringe #559

Apple's 2019 iPhone event is here! Services, a new watch, new iPhones, plus a new iPad are here, with Brian Mitchell and Ryan Rampersad.

Hostage Exchange: Android and iOS

Episode #46The Fringe #558

A Google fanboy. An Apple nut. Each has only ever used one smartphone platform. What happens when two people step out of their comfort zones and trade phones for a week? Ian and Lilly swapped their Pixel 3 and iPhone XS to see what life is like on the other side of the ecosystem divide.