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IB #22 — Floppy ANSWER

Episode #548 IB #22

We discuss the class and then Matt tells Ryan all about Wellsfargo credit cards.


Episode #22The Fringe #548

Matt's group project 3 stutters, React is finished up, Java begins and essentially ends, and upon reflection, maybe this course changed course during its course.

Google Pixel USB-C Earbuds Review

Episode #68

Since Google has been making phones without headphone jacks, it is important for them to sell headphones that can be used with those phones. Are the wired USB-C variety worth using? Find out in our review!

TED #43 — Just Ban Bad Teachers

Episode #547 TED #43

John has good advice for the education system, Ethan talks about motorists honking at the mayor, and Mike has some really good insights about building online identities that didn't make it into the main episode.

Political Organizing in the Digital Age

Episode #43The Fringe #547

Digital technologies have a lot of potential to aid in political organizing, provided we use them effectively. Ian R Buck sat down with several prominent Twin Cities activists (Ethan Osten, John Edwards, and Mike Lindsay) to talk about how to activate communities without tearing them apart.

Prime Digital

Episode #21

Matt continues learning React and more important modern JavaScript concepts, chats with his TA and gains a new perspective on the portfolio.


Episode #20The Fringe #546

Matt begins React week; with HTML in JavaScript - JSX, basic styles and component composition, plus Matt's professor tells him strange things!

Aftershokz Trekz Titanium Review

Episode #67

Bone conduction headphones are marketed towards cyclists, so you can be assured that you can hear traffic around you while listening to podcasts or music. Ian tested out the Trekz Titaniums in several different scenarios, and is ready to give his recommendations!

Open Source North

Episode #19The Fringe #545

Matt continues with MongoDB in class, and outside of class he attends his first conference - Open Source North - meets new friends and even gets his own invitation to the legendary HackerX.