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IB #13 — The Beats Can’t Be Real

Episode #535 IB #13

Before the show, Matt and Ryan talk about installing the latest Linux, discuss code and then review popular programming languages.


Episode #13The Fringe #535

Matt continues learning SQL, experimenting with larger data sets, using JOINs and complex SELECTs, and he begins learning the Node API to create servers.

Work and Happiness

Episode #16

If acquiring more and more money won't make people happier, and they cannot compete with automation in the workplace, can we simply provide people with basic amenities to make them happy? It is a little more complicated than that.

Half Way

Episode #12The Fringe #534

Matt finally reaches halfway in the Bootcamp, and kicks off MySQL with Workbench, using Mamp and Xampp, and later, Ryan shares a recent mini-job experience related to the bootcamp.

Samsung Galaxy Buds Review

Episode #63

Ryan reviews the Samsung Galaxy Buds (Galaxy S10+ pre-order gift) - surprisingly they fit and stay in his ears!


Episode #15

One of the reasons that pursuing the hedonic treadmill is that our brains are wired to create happiness for us, regardless of the events around us.

CS #154 — Hipster Mower

Episode #533 CS #154

Andrew offers Steve and Rachel some dinner, then eat, and talk about lawns offices.

Fancy Web Browser Thingamajig

Episode #154The Fringe #533

After a normal period, Steve and Andrew talk about RASPBERRY!, new GPUs, old GPUs, Microsoft, lazy loading, and maybe something else, but I forgot.

Node Continued

Episode #11The Fringe #532

Matt continues learning Node, and practices new JavaScript techniques with Constructors.