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Samsung Galaxy Watch Active 1 Review

Episode #78

Ryan reviews the Samsung Galaxy Watch Active 1, and the verdict is there are not enough apps for this to even be a smart watch.

Episode summary

  • Watches
    • I don’t like watches, they’re touching me
    • Ambient display is my preference
      • But I get in trouble anyway when I walk away from my phone
  • Samsung included coupon for another Samsung-product in the Note 10+ order in 2019
    • Couldn’t use it on the Active 2; so stuck with this
  • Physical Look and Feel
    • Default band is a sporty rubber
    • The weight is minimal
    • It’s still too thick for my tastes
    • Screen isn’t close to edge-to-edge, bezel all the way around
      • No flat tire though
    • Two buttons, home, and back
  • Software
    • Default screen is time + “widget spots” where you can add whatever widgets are available
      • My choices were heart rate, date, steps and sunrise/set
    • Fitness apps by Samsung are built in
      • The cal/sleep/movement counters are available
      • Exercise tracking
      • “Stress monitoring” -- just breathe
      • Heart rate sensor is actually nice
    • A weather app, but not my DarkSky data
    • Google calendar integration, but needed who knows what Samsung permission
    • Shows notifications as they come in
    • Messages app (via Samsung); you can use a bad build in keyboard, send an emoji or voice dictate
      • Some can be interacted with
      • For example, Telegram has no Tizen app, but you can use the “reply” function on the notification instead; but no initiation
    • The true lack of apps makes this not so useful; if I can’t use Slack or Telegram on the device, it’s not enough
      • Android or bust; but Wear is a bust too
      • If you want a real watch with real apps and integrations, get an Apple Watch


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