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Eco-Friendly Technology

Episode #47The Fringe #564

We all love our technology: it does many many things to improve our everyday lives. But what is it doing to our planet? How can we use our technology in an environmentally responsible manner? Ian interviews experts from LineageOS, iFixit, the Rebble Alliance, the Washington County Environmental Center, and Tech Dump to talk about the many different aspects of reducing the environmental impact of consumer technology.

Apple Watch Series 5 Review

Episode #75

Brian Mitchell gives a quick 12 minute review of the new Apple Watch Series 5.

Untitled PodKit Game

Episode #52The Fringe #563

This episode is about as standard as it gets, new Apple hardware, new React news and updates, and Twitter Followees!

Samsung Galaxy Note 10+ Review

Episode #74

Ryan reviews the Samsung Galaxy Note 10+ review: it's a great big phone, it looks better than any previous model, the headphone jack does not matter and so much more!

There Are No Versions, There Is Only Edge

Episode #562

There were audio problems when trying to record PK52, so we stopped recording and are releasing this stand-alone Fringe episode!

Much Megabytes

Episode #157The Fringe #561

RASPBERRIES! Andrew and Steve are back at it again with some news about Microsoft, Google, Mozilla, and... music formats?

SO #73 — Egg Pie

Episode #560 SO #73

The story about why Ian is naming Android 10 "Quiche."