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Be Kind, Rewind

Episode #50The Fringe #552

For completely unrelated reasons, Brian and Brandon share a microphone and are joined by Ryan for the 50th episode of PodKit. React, react-native, a new npm package, and node.js on Windows.

The Last Week

Episode #25

On the last full week of In Bootcamp, Matt shares the final few days of Group Project 3 - contributions and timesinks, plus an insightful discovery, and a bit more about short and long term plans after bootcamp ends.

Space Exploration: Past, Present, and Future

Episode #44The Fringe #551

On the 50th anniversary of the Apollo 11 mission and the first lunar landing, Ian and Brian are discussing how the technologies of space exploration have evolved over time: what they were in the past, where we are now, and how they will change in the future.

Mail Server

Episode #24The Fringe #550

Matt finishes up Computer Science in bootcamp, and continues working on his mail server for Group Project 3, meanwhile the project itself is not going so well -- and a sudden surprise from HackerX.

IB #24 — Mi Kasa, Su Casa

Episode #550 IB #24

Fish was had, fish was known. We chat about MidwestJS and the feasibility of UMN bootcamp.

Computer Science

Episode #23The Fringe #549

The bootcamp begins a short Computer Science unit, discussing Sorting Algorithms, group project 3 continues, and allegedly next week the legendary HackerX returns to Minneapolis -- listen to Matt's plan!

IB #23 — It’s A Banana Cat!

Episode #549 IB #23

Before the show, Matt and Ryan talk about sorting algorithms, such as the new method to remove stuff from one’s home.

Pixel 3a Review

Episode #69

Chris Rampersad, Ryan's mom, joins Second Opinion to review the Google Pixel 3a. A nice phone for those not looking for a true flagship device.