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Google I/O 2019

Episode #64The Fringe #538

Ian and Ryan discuss Google I/O 2019 - services, enhancements, privacy upgrades, phones and more!

NS #64 — In No Way Teal

Episode #538 NS #64

Ian is excited to try the new studio for a recording location and Ryan buys - surprise - a phone!

CS #155 — rm ☺️

Episode #537 CS #155

Steven gives an update of all the critters at his farm, and Andrew talks about biking and mowing his lawn.

No One Can Play With Our Toys

Episode #155The Fringe #537

No, Andrew and Steven have not sold out to Microsoft, but they sure do talk about it a lot! They also mention some games, and how Firefox totally broke over the weekend.

Practical Advice for Everyone

Episode #18

Now that we have thoroughly explored how the economy is going to be changing in the near future, let's discuss what you can do today to help yourself transition into this brave new world.


Episode #14

Matt's class continues with MySQL and adds Express into the mix and begins serving dynamically created HTML content with Handlebars. Plus, Matt gets the OK to use Linux in class - against his earlier preconceived notions.

I’m More Punk Than You

Episode #48The Fringe #536

The PodKitters talk about Minnebar, React Hooks (big surprise), design systems, ServerlessMN, Overcast's clip sharing, Apple rumors, and more!

Panasonic ErgoFit Earbuds Review

Episode #64

With the ErgoFit earbuds, Panasonic was clearly aiming to win the race to the bottom - did they succeed in making the cheapest earbuds that are still worth using? Ian has had a lot of time to develop his thoughts on them!

The Purpose of Life

Episode #17

If our life's purpose is not the work we do, then what is it?