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Google Nest Mini Review

Episode #81

The Google Nest Mini (the second generation of the Google Home Mini) is the new entry-level Google Assistant device. Join Ian to find out what changes and improvements have been made in this new iteration!

Episode index

00:00 | Intro
00:26 | Confusion in Branding
02:40 | Physical Build
05:43 | Software
07:24 | Controls
08:56 | Sound Quality
09:46 | Microphone Reliability
10:48 | Final Thoughts
11:23 | Outro


You could win the Google Home Mini that Ian tested for this review! All you have to do is become a patron sometime before February 16, 2020. Anyone who is a patron of ours anytime before that date gets one entry in the drawing. We will announce the winner on episode 83 of Second Opinion. Good luck to all!


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