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Podcast Players Roundup

Episode #79

You love listening to podcasts, so you deserve to be using the best podcast player to consume them! In this roundup, Ian R Buck exhaustively reviews over 20 different podcast players to help you find the one that is best for you!

Too Many Quacks Out There

Episode #54The Fringe #567

We finish off the year with holiday cards, static site generators, React Query, React Spring, and Redux Toolkit!

Samsung Galaxy Watch Active 1 Review

Episode #78

Ryan reviews the Samsung Galaxy Watch Active 1, and the verdict is there are not enough apps for this to even be a smart watch.

AirPods Pro Review

Episode #77

Brian overviews the AirPods Pro!

Catfishing With Naomi Kritzer

Episode #48The Fringe #565

Ian sits down with author Naomi Kritzer to chat about her brand-new book, Catfishing on CatNet! They talk about the book, its themes of online friendship, privacy, and tracking, as well as digging into some delightful local references. Plus, a few details about the sequel came up as well!

Anker Soundcore Motion+ Review

Episode #76

Ryan reviews the Anker Soundcore Motion+ Bluetooth Speaker, and describes his criteria for using and purchasing a modern speaker against the alternatives.