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Bike Maintenance Essentials

Episode #52The Fringe #569

Bikes are fairly simple machines, but very finely tuned. What things can you do maintenance on yourself, and what things require the services of a bike shop? Crystal Sursely of Lowertown Bike Shop joins us to answer all your pressing bike maintenance questions!

Episode summary

00:00:00 | Intro
00:02:28 | Things you can do on the road
00:02:46 | Changing a flat
00:08:44 | Reseating chain
00:10:22 | Adjusting fenders
00:11:53 | Fine-tune barrel adjuster
00:14:53 | Tools to carry with you
Topeak Ratchet Rocket Lite DX
00:20:02 | Things you can do at home
00:20:17 | Lubricating chain
00:23:39 | Pumping tires to full
00:24:35 | Winter maintenance
00:31:07 | Maintenance for indoor training
00:33:03 | Derusting chain
00:35:11 | Seat height
00:37:10 | Adjusting brakes
00:40:59 | When to bring your bike to a shop
  • Measuring chain wear
  • Keep a maintenance log of how much riding each of your components lasts
  • Bring your bike in for its yearly tune-up at the end of its season, so you don't have to wait in line
00:48:42 | Recognizing tire wear
00:52:47 | Services bike shops provide
Every good bike shop should have a good dog!
01:04:06 | Miscellaneous questions
01:15:43 | Outro

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