The Universe

Science, the final frontier, with astrophysics, neuroscience, computer science, mathematics and more speculation than on morning television, with fledgling computer scientist host Sam Ebertz and Ryan Rampersad.

The Dark Side Of The Sun

Episode #12

Ryan Rampersad is joined by Ian Buck and Matthew Petschl in the spur of the moment and discuss the Japanese Flood, Voyager 1 finally hitting the heliopause, China's first female astronaut, impending sigma-decisions for the Higgs Boson particle, girls and science, and more!
Ryan Rampersad is joined by Matthew Petschl and just in time, Ian Buck. On this rare occasion, we discuss the science news, Kepler's planetary discovery, how the Japanese are growing The Flood, the heliopause among other voyages, girls and science and more!