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Hostage Exchange: Android and iOS

Episode #46The Fringe #558

A Google fanboy. An Apple nut. Each has only ever used one smartphone platform. What happens when two people step out of their comfort zones and trade phones for a week? Ian and Lilly swapped their Pixel 3 and iPhone XS to see what life is like on the other side of the ecosystem divide.
Update 2019-09-09: After the episode was published, Lilly discovered that iOS allows you to set Do Not Disturb for a set period of time by Force Touching on Do Not Disturb in the Control Center.

Episode summary

00:00:00 | Intro
00:04:07 | Ian's Pre-trade Expectations
00:06:55 | Lilly's Pre-trade Expectations
00:09:10 | Post-Trade Discussion
00:10:42 | Ian's Misconceptions
00:18:10 | Stock iOS Apps vs. Google Apps
00:37:40 | Things Ian Likes About iOS
00:48:27 | Things Ian Doesn't Like About iOS
01:04:27 | Random Observations
01:10:13 | Struggling to do Simple Tasks
01:14:10 | Lilly's Thoughts on Android
01:32:22 | Outro

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