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The Challenges and Solutions of Utilitarian Cycling

Episode #45The Fringe #556

So, you want to start biking as a primary form of transportation, but are nervous about the challenges you will encounter? Never fear, Melody Hoffmann and Ian R Buck are here with the solutions they have found over many years of utilitarian cycling.

Episode summary

00:00:00 | Intro
00:01:19 | Thoughts from the Community
00:06:30 | Introducing Melody
00:09:23 | "I don't feel safe riding"
00:23:09 | "Bikes are expensive"
00:32:23 | "What if my bike breaks while I'm riding?"
00:38:17 | "Bikes are easy to steal"
00:41:11 | "I can't carry much stuff with my bike"
00:48:35 | "I don't want to be sweaty and gross when I arrive somewhere"
00:56:52 | The Weather
00:57:37 | "It's too hot and humid to bike"
00:59:15 | "It's too cold to bike"
01:02:28 | "It's too snowy and icy to bike"
01:03:52 | "It's too rainy to bike"
01:07:48 | "My destination is too far to bike"
01:13:06 | Bike touring
01:28:11 | Unsolved challenges
01:33:55 | Outro

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