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Mr. Robot Review

Episode #18The Fringe #423

Ryan, Brian, and Ian hack together a review of Mr. Robot, an edgy show about computer programmers trying to take down an Evil Corporation.

Episode Index

  • 1:57 | Spoiler-free
  • 21:35 | Spoilers!


  • The show is very much a modern Fight Club, and it knows it.
    • Right off the bat, they present the goal of fsociety as erasing all the world’s debt.
    • Elliot addresses the audience directly as the narrator. Mr Robot grounds this in the show’s world by presenting the audience as Elliot’s imaginary friend.
    • Late in the season they use a piano cover of Where Is My Mind? which is the song that appears at the end of Fight Club.
    • Modern not just because of the tech in the show, but also in the fact that it is a TV show with short seasons.
  • Huge focus on cinematography. Almost every shot has framing that is just slightly off from where you would expect.
  • [Buck] There was a period in the middle of the season where I felt it was just being edgy for edginess’ sake, and nothing interesting was happening. But then the plot picked back up in the last few episodes.
  • They got the hacking terms right (Using AES-256, WPA2 being unhackable, 2FA being important, rainbow tables/easy password hacks based off of pet names, etc.)
  • Will it age well? Pop culture references, security practices?
  • Are the people following Elliot real or in his head?

Main Lesson From Each Episode

  1. Use randomly generated passwords, kids!
  2. Walk your dog regularly, or it will poop on your bed.
  3. Dinner at your boss’ place will be awkward as heck.
  4. Don't do drugs!
  5. Social engineering is the most powerful hacking.
  6. Don’t pick up thumb drives from the parking lot and plug them into your work computer (or any computer).
  7. Be careful when seducing people not to get carried away.
  8. Time is money.
  9. Stealing from pricks is okay!
  10. If you need to hide your fingerprints, just throw a big party at your place!

Buck's Favorite Lines

Ollie: “I just feel like it's been really awkward between us.” Elliot: “I'm okay with it being awkward between us.” Tyrell: “Join me for lunch?” Eliot: “Sure. I eat lunch.”