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Westworld Review

Episode #17The Fringe #420

Brandon Johnson and Brian Mitchell sit down to gush about Westworld, their new favorite show. They talk about the creative talent behind it, the moral implications of the show's premise, and reminisce about the phenomenal soundtrack.

00:01:43 | Spoiler-free

  • Blend of science-fiction and western
  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Free-for all world
    • What will people do when there are basically no consequences?
  • Based loosely on the movie from 1973
  • Lisa Joy - IMDb
  • Jonathan Nolan - IMDb
  • Revamped by Jonathan Nolan (of Christopher Nolan fame) and Lisa Joy
  • Story editor: Charles Yu (of Sorry Please Thank You and How to Live Safely in a Science Fictional Universe fame)

00:11:32 | Spoilers!

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