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Online Voting and Why We Don’t Use It

Episode #26The Fringe #452

Ryan Rampersad joins Ian R Buck to talk about online voting, a topic he researched in college. They discuss the rigorous set of requirements for a voting system, and the extra challenges faced by an electronic implementation to meet those requirements.

Episode Index

00:00 | Intro

00:31 | What is E-Voting?

  • What is e-voting?
  • Electronic voting - Wikipedia
  • E-voting: any voting that uses electronic devices to aid the process
  • Polling place e-voting
    • Counting machines, touchscreen devices, etc at the polling place
    • Pretty common in America
    • Only really affects the behind the scenes counting part of voting
  • Remote e-voting
    • Voting on a personal device via the Internet without in-person supervision
    • Would be a fundamental change in how we relate to and approach voting

04:49 | Current process

  • How to Vote in Every State - YouTube
  • Voter registration
    • Done at many public-facing government offices, by mail, and in some states online
  • Vote at polling place on election day
  • Vote early at one of several designated locations
  • Vote absentee by requesting a ballot and mailing it in by a certain date

06:27 | Requirements

22:53 | Overall Implementation

36:52 | Existing Implementation: Estonia

48:03 | Conclusion

49:57 | Outro



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