PodKit is a show about Apple inclined Web Developers discussing web development and technology in general, with hosts Brian Mitchell, Brandon Johnson, and Ryan Rampersad.

I’m More Punk Than You

Episode #48The Fringe #536

The PodKitters talk about Minnebar, React Hooks (big surprise), design systems, ServerlessMN, Overcast's clip sharing, Apple rumors, and more!

Episode Summary

00:00:00 | Intro
00:01:35 | Minnebar14
00:06:42 | Moar React Hooks
00:11:49 | Design Systems
00:28:14 | Serverless MN
00:32:10 | Overcast Clip Sharing
00:38:17 | Apple WWDC News
00:42:49 | Expo on the Web
00:43:31 | New Twitter Followees
00:54:22 | Next Time
00:56:14 | Outro

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