PodKit is a show about Apple inclined Web Developers discussing web development and technology in general, with hosts Brian Mitchell, Brandon Johnson, and Ryan Rampersad.

Everything Old Is Out Of Beta

Episode #66

Oops, we're back and try to cover 11 months in one episode! Brian, Brandon and Ryan return each with some personal catch up and chat about better browser Interop, swc and esbuild and so much more.

Big Borg Cliffhanger

Episode #65

Brian's starting a new job, standing desk mats, Create React App 4 Upgrade, Tailwind JIT, and shoutouts!

Cool Gray

Episode #64The Fringe #583

Eleventy, XPath, a custom GitHub Action, and new Apple Silicon Macs for Ryan and Brandon!


Episode #62The Fringe #581

Eleventy and Tailwind followup, fonts, the new Apple Silicon Macs, and New Twitter Follows.

PHP is Great

Episode #61The Fringe #579

Hacktoberfest woes, Elevently, Not using Wordpress for W3C Redesign, TypeScript Explicit Types, and New Twitter Follows!

The Shallow Web

Episode #60The Fringe #578

iPad keyboards, History API, testing React apps, Jest's test.each, and Brandon got a Synology NAS!

Code Harvest

Episode #58The Fringe #573

Brandon, Brian, and Ryan are back yet again, talking about the Black Lives Matter movement and Recoil and React state management.

I Dare You to Type “REQ”

Episode #57The Fringe #572

Brian and Ryan made a Canvas Animation, Brian used Svelte, and the trio discussed React frameworks and platforms with the new Vercel and Remix announcements!