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Sam Is Back

Episode #9

Sam has returned! Ryan Rampersad along with Matthew Petschl and Max Marti reunite with Sam Ebertz from China and Japan on his one-month vacation! Despite some editing woes, we discuss some interesting nights, maglev trains, three of Sam's big highlights and more!
If you would like to listen the conclusion of this episode where we assume the data was irrecoverable, jump to 25:00. But trust us, you'll enjoy this piecemeal episode immensely if you listen all the way through.


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Editor's Note

We ran QuickTime to queue the video of the trailer from Life of Pi, but it failed to load. I loaded the trailer up via IMDB's Flash player instead, but the computer crashed upon doing so. Upon restarting, the computer was stable, but the Audacity project files were unable to be imported into Audacity possibly due to some corruption -- somewhere. I labored for hours using various hand coded python scripts to come up with the audio in this episode. It is surprisingly pleasant. You should have listened to some of the false positives. Imagine the show, mostly in order but sporadicly jumping between future and past segments of the show.