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Google Home First Impressions

Episode #14The Fringe #412

Despite the fact that not all services are available on it yet, Ian R Buck and Ryan Rampersad wanted to give you an idea of whether or not the Google Home would make a good holiday gift.

I Drove Over The Cat

Episode #120The Fringe #411

In the middle of a snowstorm, Steve and Andrew discuss RASPBERRY!, AMD, Bitcoin, storage, Microsoft, web fonts, and a few more tidbits, like designing a rather graphic lawn mowing simulator.

Trello As A Proxy

Episode #27The Fringe #410

We chat about Brian's new work with Angular, D3 and ancient versions of Webpack, Ryan's recent work with Angular 1 and 2, MongoDB and more, and Brandon's triumph over his thesis - plus - Twitter Followees!

PK #27 — Help Meeeeeee

Episode #410 PK #27

Before the show, Brandon talks about his experience in SMJC and CSCI, among other things - plus - t-shirts at the end!

Build Them and Bill Them

Episode #119

After a while of not podcasting, Andrew and Steve get back into action. They talk about building features, RASPBERRY!, Backblaze, AMD, Google, Microsoft, Oracle, and the new Andrew Bailey.

Project Fi

Episode #13The Fringe #409

After using Project Fi in several situations, including working at camp and living in St Paul, Buck and Decker are ready to analyze the service. We talk about the coverage, price, special features, and more!

Transportation – The Future

Episode #17The Fringe #408

What exciting new forms of transportation does the future hold for us? How will self-driven cars change our travel habits? What even is a hyperloop? Ian, Brian, and Ryan have done the research on all of this and more!