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Decentralized Publishing

Episode #33The Fringe #479

Today, more and more online content is being published on centralized platforms. That hasn't always been the case, since the internet was created as a decentralized system. Join Ian R Buck and Brian Mitchell as they explore the pros and cons of each approach, and try to figure out what the optimal way to publish content is!

Solo: A Star Wars Story Review

Episode #43The Fringe #478

Despite its status as an Anthology movie, Solo had a lot to live up to as the backstory for one of Star Wars' most popular characters. Join Ian, Mike, Dan, and Quentin for a spoiler-free overview, followed by a spoiler-filled deep dive.

SO #43 — I Delight In My Own Anger

Episode #478 SO #43

Truly, a Fringe to remember! Longer than the episode it accompanies, Mike and Ian end up talking about USB-C for a long time, and Ian reveals his unusual preferences for units of measurement.

WWDC 2018

Episode #59The Fringe #477

Brian Mitchell and Ryan Rampersad discuss WWDC 2018: iOS performance updates, watchOS maturity, tvOS surrounds, macOS in the desert and of course no long awaited hardware updates!

NS #59 — Mr. Grumplestiltskin

Episode #477 NS #59

Before the show, Paul Horn shows up, and then Brian dictates his tweet-notes to Ryan as he creates show notes in real time.

Run An Empire Preview

Episode #42

Motivating yourself to get out there and go for a run can be tough, and many apps have been created to help with that. Some tell a story, some prompt you to hit a daily goal, and some like the upcoming Run An Empire pit you against other players. After a month of trying out the beta, Ian R Buck is ready to share his impressions.

GDPR, the Privacy Policy Reckoning

Episode #32

You've probably been getting lots of emails about companies updating their privacy policies. They're all doing this at the same time because the EU's General Data Protection Regulation just came into effect. Find out what it means for you with Ian R Buck.

CS #144 — From The Future

Episode #476 CS #144

After talking about the show stuff, Andrew and Steven talk about futuristic text, Amazon, server room missles, and old game graphics. Also, this episode contains an old show recorded moments before Andrew started building his computer last year. Forward to 26 minutes into this Fringe.

The Old Screensaver

Episode #144The Fringe #476

Andrew joins Steven on his "last" show to talk RASPBERRY!, Ubuntu, TCP flow control, Microsoft, Magento, POWER, and Cisco.

MacBook Air 2017 Review

Episode #41The Fringe #475

Apple made a very unexpected decision in 2017 to come out with a new version of the MacBook Air, which is very different from the rest of the laptops they are currently selling. Join Ian R Buck and Ryan Rampersad to find out what Apple has done to make this classic device relevant in 2017.