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I Dare You to Type “REQ”

Episode #57The Fringe #572

Brian and Ryan made a Canvas Animation, Brian used Svelte, and the trio discussed React frameworks and platforms with the new Vercel and Remix announcements!

Culture, Technology, and Epidemics Through History

Episode #53The Fringe #571

The illnesses that we have faced over the course of human civilization have been heavily influenced by the cultural and technological contexts that they interacted with. Rebecca Dean, Professor of Anthropology comes on the show to teach us about it!

Roswheel 3 in 1 Bike Pannier Review

Episode #87

Ian used this pannier set for his daily commute for a couple of years. How well has it stood up, how easy is it to use? Find out in today's review!

Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra Review

Episode #86

Ryan reviews the Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra: the most expensive mainline phone ever from Samsung and a merely OK camera -- why not!

PK #56 — Alpaca

Episode #570 PK #56

Brian has fun with Snap Camera while the trio prepares for the show.

Bike Maintenance Essentials

Episode #52The Fringe #569

Bikes are fairly simple machines, but very finely tuned. What things can you do maintenance on yourself, and what things require the services of a bike shop? Crystal Sursely of Lowertown Bike Shop joins us to answer all your pressing bike maintenance questions!