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SO #18 — Sounds Like Ryan

Episode #423 SO #18

As with every triple-ender, the call starts with 15 minutes of troubleshooting microphone systems.

Mr. Robot

Episode #18The Fringe #423

Ryan, Brian, and Ian hack together a review of Mr. Robot, an edgy show about computer programmers trying to take down an Evil Corporation.

CS #125 — The Cat Bug

Episode #422 CS #125

Andrew hunts for the Windows Vista shutdown sound, and explains Road Redemption to Steven.

Hey, I Need Some Batteries

Episode #125The Fringe #422

Andrew talks about how he got fired, then Steve jumps in, and they talk about XFCE, Orange Pi, Apple, Microsoft, Amazon, AMD, Google, Ubuntu, and so much more. It's been a while!

It’s Called an iFrame

Episode #28The Fringe #421

It's been four months, and Brian, Brandon and Ryan recount the last few months of time, and discuss the next iPhone and the latest Galaxy S8, the expectation of "frameworks" to last, React Native lessons and more!

PK #28 — It’d Be In The Sub

Episode #421 PK #28

Before the show, Brian has a party parrot, and we hangout a bit before the show for the first time successfully in months.


Episode #17The Fringe #420

Brandon Johnson and Brian Mitchell sit down to gush about Westworld, their new favorite show. They talk about the creative talent behind it, the moral implications of the show's premise, and reminisce about the phenomenal soundtrack.

CS #124 — The Dollar Sign Is A Clue

Episode #419 CS #124

After Steve plugs in his microsoft, he and Andrew discuss mechanical keyboards, game stories, podcast topics, and daylight savings time.

Mean People Screaming

Episode #124The Fringe #419

After talking about Chris' scheduling, Andrew and Steve talk about RASPBERRY!, the tinker board, Amazon, Firefox, Cloudflare, Windows, AMD Ryzen, emoji, and MediaWiki.