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Sounds Cooler With Enterprise

Episode #141The Fringe #469

Andrew and Steve are back with some RASPBERRY!, Google lawsuits, Java (or is it Jakarta?), BluRay, AMD, Let's Encrypt, passwords, and TOTP.

TED #30 — My Hands Get Heavy

Episode #468 TED #30

Ian and Ryan put their Computer Science degrees to good use by failing to troubleshoot Skype, relying on guest David to install Chrome on his computer so they can use Hangouts instead.

Stage Theater’s Tech Revolution

Episode #30The Fringe #468

They say theater is a dying medium, but they've been saying that since the advent of radio! In fact, theater has adapted as new technologies become available. What new developments are on the horizon?

Fire TV Stick Review

Episode #39The Fringe #467

Amazon takes a very different approach from Google's for their streaming stick: it has a remote, it is heavily focused on mainstream video providers, and it's actually a stick! Ryan Rampersad joins Ian R Buck to tell us all about it.

SO #39 — My Pants Feel Really Open Today

Episode #467 SO #39

Even when he isn't reaching for the keyboard, Ian can't avoid hitting the spacebar. Luckily, they were right at the beginning and didn't lose much.

PK #36 — Pretty Clappy

Episode #466 PK #36

Brandon confuses us with blueprints from the past and present, and more.

Really into Mambo Number 5

Episode #36The Fringe #466

Brandon, Ryan and Brian discuss workplace distractions, disruptions and the their causes and dealing with them, Brian joins our React fan club, a note on Brandon's upcoming talk and new twitter followees!

Chromecast 2nd Generation Review

Episode #38The Fringe #462

The Chromecast was our first glimpse into a world of watching TV without a remote. Ian R Buck and Ryan Rampersad both use it heavily, but have different views on a few critical aspects of it.