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My Servers Look Like A Viper

Episode #26

Matthew Petschl and Ryan Rampersad remember some recent adventures and discuss the lost talk show host, bleeping jailbreakers, retina display MacBook Pros with USB3, a fantastic summer with Microsoft deals, Google's new search paradigm, APUs, Verizon's grandfather, that Firefox again and so much more!

A New Era

Episode #9

Sam Ebertz returns to The Universe with Ryan Rampersad to discuss the SpaceX launch, an impending solar eclipse event, science fiction books galore, more black hole news that you could ever want, pop scientists' role in understanding, new free university courses and more!

Subtle, Discrete & Changing

Episode #25

Matthew Petschl and Ryan Rampersad discuss quite the Journey in the conclusion of college, new hardware from HP and Micron, how Oracle finally won something, T-Mobile's innovation, some Apple rumors, Virgin Mobile's next premiere phone and so much more!

When The Wind Is Howling

Episode #5

Matthew Petschl and Ryan Rampersad discuss our progress as a network, some interesting statistics for unique views, downloads and likes, as well as plans for the summer.

Two Halves To Every Story

Episode #24

Matthew Petschl and Ryan Rampersad discuss a CEO's fake resume, the dead-lock in Oracle's case, the EU's timely decision, the lack of Fire at Target, Dropbox getting targeted by Apple, the sad Samsung S3, a Jobs Wonka, the misappropriation of DVD playback and media, and more!

Just A Cardboard Cutout

Episode #23

Tall norn Matthew Petschl and short human Ryan Rampersad return to discuss WWDC's two-hour sellout, python's declining popularity, steam but not for scheme, Oracle and Google - again, Nintendo's failure, arrows in Brazil and how Ubuntu is no longer quite as precise, and more.

By Accident In The Name Of Science

Episode #8

Sam Ebertz, Ryan Rampersad and guest Matthew Petschl discuss Sam's final project in scheme, our favorite AES alternative, dinosaur eggs, potential energy recovery through nanotech, bomb sizes, disappearing sharks, shuttle Discovery's final flight, Planetary Resources introduction of the real space age and more!

Someone’s Turned On A CRT!

Episode #22

Matthew Petschl and Ryan Rampersad, along with guest Sam Ebertz, reminisce about the goat chase, then discuss IBM's POS business, the dual Larry's battle it out over Java, Android and Oracle, Torvalds' prize, Halo 4, a leaky valve led to no cooking, Windows 8 is just Windows 8, finally an bridge worth crossing, and more!

Quantum Pop

Episode #7

Mr. Universe, Sam Ebertz, returns with Ryan Rampersad to honor Yuri's night and mankind's future, stars spewing everywhere, a super special spectrometer, a bunch of books, a better source for random data, rants reaching the multiverse, dark matter in your body, an introduction into Looper and more!

Hey Mr. Government

Episode #21

After an adventure, Matthew Petschl, Ryan Rampersad and guest Sam Ebertz discuss the Facebook's purchase of Instagram, BestBuy CEO's resignation and lack of counting skills, Google's earnings and Plus-numbers, Apple rumors on iTunes 11's break up, the iPhone 5 and technical details, the Nook with a light on Amazon heels, cell phone tracking, and so much more.