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ATN #54

Episode #20

Matt falls in love with a spammer and his still smoking hat before At The Nexus #54, and more stalking than you can imagine of a genius and an impressive spammer.

CS #4

Episode #19

Listen to Chris fumble with his mic, Andrew instructing Chris in the art of the podcast, and listen to both of them reminisce about being roomies.

A Public Hazard

Episode #4The Fringe #19

In this episode, Chris and Andrew talk about monitors, Linux, efficient vs performant CPUs, an old hard drive, network connections, and room mates.

Hip-Thrusts, All The Time

Episode #14The Fringe #18

Ian Buck and Ryan Rampersad discuss the next breakthrough Halo-scale franchise, steep hardware requirements for Crysis 3, Valve's rumored Steam Box -- power, price and the point, a review of Video Game Awards by Spike TV and Ryan shares a special review of Ingress. (By the way, Journey!)

EB #14

Episode #18

Ian and Ryan talk about his fixed computer, screens and domain names before and after Eight Bit #14.

Unpractical Like A Bad Idea

Episode #53The Fringe #17

Ryan has a midterm four days before finals and Matthew kinda calls it quits, but they manage to discuss Google's latest updates and statisitics, Apple's plans from Tim Cook, more open-source news than you proprietary stomach can handle and more!

ATN #53

Episode #17

Ryan and Matthew screw things and watch a video on a 3D printer among other things before At The Nexus #53 and have a party when Sam suddenly breaks in.

CS #3

Episode #16

Listen to Andrew fumbling with his mic and explaining lots of stuff, Ryan instructing Matt in the way of the podcast, and Matt ordering pizza, mon!

An Oreo Cream Cheese Suspension

Episode #3The Fringe #16

Andrew Bailey and Matthew Petschl discuss the UN taking over the Internet, people dropping off it, copyright gone amok, Microsoft's woes, Apple's woes, data URIs, Fourier Transforms, and more.

Will You Be My Assassin?

Episode #13The Fringe #15

Ian Buck, Ian Decker and special guest Sam Roth discuss the new gaming addition to the family, the Wii U, along with THQ just about to go under, leaderboards getting wiped overnight, sexism in the game industry and so much more!