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Enjoy the latest episodes from The Nexus.

NS #15 — Deflowered

Episode #32

Ian Buck and Ryan Rampersad chat while they gather news about CES for the Nexus Special #15: CES 2013 episode.

Sudo Bang Bang

Episode #8

From Knoxville, Andrew talks about some stuff from CES, Java, security, Linux stuff, data recovery, and lead.

The Bane Of Our Show

Episode #18The Fringe #31

Ian Buck and Ian Decker, and guest Joshua Anosike, discuss an Ouya competitor in the form of a stick, a Guild Wars 2 exploit, a Minecraft world built to scale, the possibility of a Firefly MMO, Ian Decker's new desktop and a review of Civilization 5.

EB #18 — The Nitty Gritty

Episode #31

Listen to Ian and Ian with guest Josh discuss podcast practice, laughing at a ghost a room away and so much more when a light is shined in your face.

The Semi-Biggest

Episode #57The Fringe #30

Matthew Petschl and Ryan Rampersad look upon CES with trepidation and discuss yet another BlackBerry leak, Microsoft's Windows 8 deal, Sprint's latest joke, how Google broke Maps on purpose for Windows Phone 8, the Ubuntu Phone and why scanning documents will bankrupt you.

ATN #57 — Rawbits

Episode #30

Ryan plays an OP from seven years ago and Matt tells us his new plan for domino's.

CS #7 — Corn Juice

Episode #29

Listen to Ryan tell Matthew about benchmarking his server, Andrew and Ryan talking about web fonts, and Matthew walking away from the mic.

A Sexy Font

Episode #7The Fringe #29

Andrew Bailey and Matthew Petschl talk about the New Year, progressive JPEGs, user interfaces, Postgres, Guild Wars, Fonts, and more.

Big Year

Episode #14The Fringe #28

Ryan Rampersad hosts the end of year finale with Andrew Bailey, Ian R Buck and Matthew Petschl as guests with discussion on the big gadget releases, huge games, the legacy of laptops, and some end of the year statistics.

NS #14 — Stink Bug

Episode #28

Hear the frivolous pursuit of topics before Nexus Special #14 along with an impressive stink bug attack with Ian Buck, Andrew Bailey, Matthew Petschl and Ryan Rampersad.