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ATN #49

Episode #6

Before and after At The Nexus #49: You Threw An Exception.

Can’t Kill Orphans Anymore

Episode #9

Everyone votes on Tuesday while Ian Buck, Ian Decker and Katie Reddemann discuss micro-transactions, a GPU supercomputer titan, quarerly results galore, Ouya updates, more Wii U jokes, a review on Assassin's Creed 3 and more!

Logic Stems From The Facts

Episode #48

Finally Ryan Rampersad and Matthew Petschl discuss last week's product update packed announcement from Apple, Monday's Google Nexus event, the weekend long Microsoft Windows 8, Phone and Surface bonanza along with a new router, a new "device" and so much more.

NS #13 Preshow

Episode #5

Preshow banter between Ian, Ryan and another Sam on the network.

The Google Nexus Event

Episode #13

Despite a massive hurricane, Google delivered the next set of Nexus devices; Ryan Rampersad, Ian R Buck, and special guest Sam Roth have a discussion on the Nexus 4, updated Nexus 7, and full tablet Nexus 10 along with a medley of Android 4.2 updates.

Look At That Hairline

Episode #8

Ian Decker and Ian Buck, with roommate extraordinaire Declan McCrory, discuss Microsoft's Xbox subscription scheme and Smartglass on Android, Dishonored DLC details, Halo 4 DLC, why traveling to the end of the world is fun and The Golden Joystick Awards.

What The Derp?

Episode #7

Ian Buck, Ian Decker, along with Theo Hultman, discuss EA's coupon code disaster, Valve in Space, something about some Dude-Bro, another page in Nintendo's story of failure, why Ubisoft has screwed you again, a quick rant on Quick-time events and a review on XCOM Enemy Unknown.

Details, Details, Man

Episode #47

Ryan Rampersad and Matthew Petschl have a busy week full of rumors, work and mid-terms and discuss Minnesota's absurd education laws, Microsoft's impending Surface, Kindle problems, why kicking Ubuntu when it's down is just fine and the final speculation lock-in on the iPad mini.

Fire Pig Thang

Episode #6

Caleb and Jonas Buck join regular hosts Ian Buck and Ian Decker to discuss Microsoft's Halo 4 game leak, who the best silent protagonist is, how laughable Nintendo's dreams are, all sorts of Dishonored news -- and a review, a review on The Walking Dead 4, Ian Buck's birthday gaming extravaganza and more!

A Pipe is an Or and Or is a Union

Episode #46

Ryan Rampersad is joined by usual co-host Matthew Petschl to discuss why Facebook is like a Chair, why Japan is trying to buy our phone companies, Macro's new app, a plug for Sublime Text 2 and a great discussion on just how much Ubuntu is worth to you and what operating systems are worth paying for.