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EB #16 — Thrift Shop

Episode #23

Leif Park Jordan, guest of Ian and Ian, discusses DOTA 2 and then plays ridiculous videos and shares funny comics after Eight Bit #16.

CS# 5 — A Ryan Voice

Episode #22

Listen to some guys cleaning up some stuff in the studio, along with Andrew's rant against podcasts-on-podcasts and gun free zones.

Not A Lawn Ornament

Episode #5The Fringe #22

This week, Andrew and Ryan discuss varied topics like the apocalypse, HTML, encryption, gaming, VoIP, databases, and Andrew's blog.

EB #15

Episode #21

Ian and Ian along with Ryan listen to some ridiculous video before EB #15 and Ian, Ryan and Matt discuss Windows and other things after the show.

Thin Mint Condition

Episode #15The Fringe #21

Ian Buck and Ian Decker with guest Ryan Rampersad discuss the 24-hour cease fire honoring those in Connecticut, new upcoming Borderlands 2 DLC, Dishonored's DLC, how Gearbox is bringing Claptrap to your phone and a special reviews from Ian Buck on Assassin's Creed Revelations, 3 and Mass Effect 3 DLCs.

Alpaca Poncho

Episode #54The Fringe #20

Ryan Rampersad and Matthew Petschl discuss finals or the lack there of, Samba 4.0, Google Maps back on iOS, there's more fiber to come, Facebook's new native Android app, a new status page from Apple for all their Internet services and so much more.

ATN #54

Episode #20

Matt falls in love with a spammer and his still smoking hat before At The Nexus #54, and more stalking than you can imagine of a genius and an impressive spammer.

CS #4

Episode #19

Listen to Chris fumble with his mic, Andrew instructing Chris in the art of the podcast, and listen to both of them reminisce about being roomies.

A Public Hazard

Episode #4The Fringe #19

In this episode, Chris and Andrew talk about monitors, Linux, efficient vs performant CPUs, an old hard drive, network connections, and room mates.

Hip-Thrusts, All The Time

Episode #14The Fringe #18

Ian Buck and Ryan Rampersad discuss the next breakthrough Halo-scale franchise, steep hardware requirements for Crysis 3, Valve's rumored Steam Box -- power, price and the point, a review of Video Game Awards by Spike TV and Ryan shares a special review of Ingress. (By the way, Journey!)